School’s back,let’s slay for class


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It is the first week of a new semester and as usual, the class is half empty and you feel like joining the rest of the lazy bones in their dorms, waiting to attend week 2.There is literally no psyche. For us who tell ourselves that we have to show up for class, we just slide in to our pajamas and fenty slides and right into class. You do not have to dress like Huddah when attending class,but a bit of effort put into your dressing might be more advantageous than you think. Here is why:

Self confidence will hit the roof

Sweat pants and slides are the kind of clothes you wear with a hat on, because you are most likely in your lazy mode and you do not want anyone to see you.However, there is just something about red lipstick or a pair of nice jeans that makes you feel like you run this world. So what if you felt like this everyday? Imagine how much you could achieve with just confidence.

You’ll be more productive, trust me

Speaking of conquering the world, pajamas and sweats won’t do it for you. It is like doing your assignments in bed or watching a movie under the sheets with the light off. You will just doze off. Imagine showing up to class in a warm hoodie ready to study? All you will think about is the bed that you left back at home or in your hostel. So dress well, you’ll pay more attention. You are in campus to study anyway.

Its not as much work as you think

As long as it is something you are comfortable in, you will slay effortlessly. When you overthink the details of an outfit. it backfires, stick to hat you had planned to wear in the first place and do not let someone convince you to wear something if you are not feeling it. We forget that a plain t-shirt, a pair of nice blue jeans and a pair of sneakers will be as on fleek as any other outfit.

You’ll make a good impression

Remember people will always first judge you as you appear before they really get to know. That is just the human nature because we are visual beings. They are always watching, so why not slay anyway? Plus, your crush might be keeping an eye on you and you don’t even know it.

You will enjoy being in your own style

Dressing up does not essentially mean that you have to have all the latest stuff in fashion. It means, dressing yourself up while sticking to your style.You are most comfortable when you are yourself. Also, consider simplicity,it is the keynote of all true elegance. Do not wear that skirt if it will make you pull it down in every step that you make.


Take on the world today by dressing well even for class. It will boost your self confidence and productivity. Also, remember that you should dress yourself according to your body type. The simpler you are, with less colours on you, the better! Slay on!

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