What to know about sex during your periods!


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The ladies ‘time of the month’ will make most men run for the hills. Reason? The sight of blood makes them cold, yet there is nothing as super sexy as a man who ‘ gets’ her lady during her menstrual period (even when she throws tantrums).

The one who massages her while she cramps in bed and brings her chocolate as well as smash her. Yeah, you read that clearly. Smash her while she’s on her menstrual periods if she yearns for it! But before you smash her, here’s all you need to know:

  1. Increased sex drive.

When a woman’s ovulating and or on her monthly periods, her mind’s fixated on the sex since she’s super horny. Actually, if you want to get a lady easily, strike when she is ovulating and or when she’s having her periods. (The hormonal fluctuations is not alike for all, just trust your guts and know when to strike.) If she’s got no true feelings for you she’ll dump you once her period days end. Dude, you’ll have to wait for another full cycle! And if her next period comes with raging hormones and terrible mood swings, you’ll be a long forgotten story.

Back to the sex, you ought to be open to each other about what both of you want in bed. Whether you should both go raw or not, it’s up to you to decide. Maybe the sight of blood on your dick is not quite welcoming, so you could wrap it up. Her cookie could still be abit loose at this time and well lubricated, the blood will work as a natural lubricant, so why not ride on her?

  1. The sex will be messy.

Blood makes the sex quite messy so you’ll have to clear so much mess after the sex. Alternatively, place a heavy towel on your bed to avoid messing it up with the menstrual flow.

  1. You risk having STI’s and bacterial infections.

Most of the STI’s are spread through blood and that’s a no brainer. STI’s such as HIV and Hepatitis live in the blood and you can contract them from your partner during coitus. Remember to wrap it up dude!

  1. Hygiene.

Most men who don’t engage in coitus when a woman is on her menstruation, are concerned about the hygienic conditions. Dude, you could go take a warm shower with her (but that won’t stop the menstrual flow). Remember to take off her tampon before you smash her, otherwise, you’ll push the tampon further to her uterus then you’ll end up visiting the gynaecologist to remove it.


  1. Cramps Relief.

Cramps during periods are every lady’s nightmare. Having sex during your period could relieve your cramps. Orgasms result in uterine muscles contracting which release thereafter, resulting in relaxation from the muscle cramps. Sex during your periods is also believed to reduce migraines.

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