Sex is not just for the bedroom, try these 5 places


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Ushawai choresha manzi yako to have sex in different places other than your keja?  It can get boring if all you do is meet up, have supper then get into bed and start *working*. Surprise yourself. Once in a while, try a different location to thrust that manliness of yours into her craving body. You don’t even have to plan by the way. Joto ikizidi you’ll know what to do. Here are 5 places you can get it on with your chille. 

1. On the couch

I’m sure a good number of you have had sex on the seat. It’s interesting just doing it there. What is the downside to this? You might end up ruining the couch with all those fluids. Jipange by having a cloth laid out. A heavy and large cloth. But you know at times, you guys might just be watching something. Maybe it’s late in the evening or it’s chilly.  Your hands lead you to where there’s warmth and it eventually ends in oohs and aahs. You better be prepared to clean that couch.

2. On the stairs

There’s a couple in campus who started this trend. They would wait for the rest of us to sleep. They would then get up at around 3 am while pretending to stroll. They would get to the stairs leading to the guys’ room and get it on. The dude would sit on the staircase as the horny chic would moan while riding him. Of course, their sounds would wake the single men up and the those on a dry spell, woii. You can also try standing doggy style while at it.

3. At a friend’s place

We do this all the time. Both chics and dudes. Don’t confuse it for banging your bf or gf’s friend. Perhaps you badly want a smash and pass with some chic. You live with your folks so that means you can’t have sex there. You call up your friend and tell him you’ll be needing his room. You convince this mama to go to that place and that’s where you have your steamy session. This is also the best way for mafisi to hide their identities. Ladies also do the same thing. They visit a friend, the friend decides to leave and she’s left all alone. What does a bored and lonely toto want to do in her free time? If she calls you, make her night.

4. In the shower

I repeat, in the shower. Don’t take your sex sessions to the bathroom where you take your bath with a bucket. Do. Not. Unless you can both fit in the bucket. Otherwise, forget it.

5. At an event

This is one of the best places to have sex. And you only need 15 minutes. Look for a toilet far away from the main activity or a location that’s hidden. While the rest wonder where you are, you’ll be having some real fun. Make sure not to get caught. Don’t forget to use contraceptives if you *munch* on her raw. Avoid pregnancies this early. Life is all about kukachora. 


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