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Sex can become a part of anyone’s life and therefore, a routine. It is always a part of the plan.  An activity that is repeatedly done requires some spicing up and a few reminders that should always be put in place. These should be:

Get consent before, during and after

Do not stop at asking your partner if they really want to have sex beforehand. Ask them even while in the act if they really want to have sex. If the answer is a yes, trust me, the reassurance and the mutual ‘yes’ is excitement to get  both of you going. It definitely makes your partner feel better and more confident that the person they are having sex with is making sure they are into it as much as they are. Keep the constant communication in between the sheets even after sex just to be sure.

Communicate is key with your partner

When are you ever going to learn what they like and what they do not during sex. Some if us are so quick to juts dive into tit selfish not knowing that their partners leave unsatisfied. If you are the one suffering, talk to your partner show them where and how you want to be touched. It only makes sex a lot more fun, and  will create trust and openness between the two of you.

Always make sure there’s foreplay before sex

Foreplay is very important  for arousal. Otherwise, sex will be painful and uncomfortable. Foreplay will put your body on the same page with your already turned on mind and penetration will become the sweetest thing ever. It will also provide an opportunity to learn your partner as you whisper into each other what you want done and how. For men, it’s really important to understand that foreplay for a woman will only benefit them more in the long run. It will only make sex more enjoyable.

Talk about fantasies and fetishes before sex

As we said earlier, communication is key. Vocalize fetishes and fantasies before just doing it. It will end up being a lot more enjoyable for the both of you. If you wan to have your partner under your spell, talk about your idea beforehand in order to have the best sex and to live out the fantasies in your head.

Put condoms in the place

Yes, sex issa plan! But are there any plans in place? Are these few minutes of joy going to last forever? Or will that end up being tears of regret? Weka condom mpangoni. I am sure we all want a repeat of great sex and the thrill and excitement that comes with it.

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