Sex Myths we are tired of hearing

Sex Myths we are tired of hearing


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Some sex myths and fake storos have been going around for decades and enough is enough. Plastic wrap as a form of protection? Really? These are the sex myths we’re tired of hearing. We at got you covered and we about to burst all these myths.  Let’s put these to bed (sorry for the pun)

  1. You can make a DIY condom when you run out.

People have actually used things like those polythene bags as forms of condoms. These DIY condoms can easily tear, slip off, and do not protect against STIs and STDs. The point of a condom is that it is fitted and made to protect you from diseases. Do yourself a favor and always have your condom stash stocked.

  1. You can’t get pregnant in the pool, ocean, or hot tub.

It does not matter where you are having sex, if you are not protected, you are at risk of becoming pregnant. Just because you are in a body of water doesn’t mean the circumstances change.

  1. Condoms make sex less fun or pleasurable.

There are tons of different types of condoms, including ones designed to create pleasure for both men and women. Try them out and figure out which feels the best for you both!

  1. You can’t get pregnant on your period.

No matter what time of the month it is, you can get pregnant if you are not protected. The chances are less likely, but still a risk.

  1. “Pulling out” is the safest method.

It does not matter if you have the strongest pull out game on this side of the Sahara-pulling out does not keep you safe at all. You are completely at risk for pregnancy or STDs. If you have a partner and you have been using the pull-out method, consider the past experience lucky and never do it again. Save yourself the stress of something you don’t want to happen and just be safe.

  1. Masturbation stops when you’re in a relationship.

This is the strangest myth because masturbation is something both men and women do, single or in a relationship. It is a way to really get in touch with your body and is completely natural. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t bring pleasure to yourself.

  1. You can double up on condoms for more protection.

Absolutely not. Doubling up on condoms does nothing more than increase the likeliness that the condoms fall off or tear. Not only that, but this is a lot of pressure and tightness for the guy who wears it which makes sex uncomfortable. Just don’t do it.

  1. The bigger the penis, the better.

Size actually is irrelevant when it comes to sex. A man with a penis on the smaller side can have even better sex than a guy with a bigger penis. It all comes down to the guy and the way he has sex and gives pleasure.

  1. Eating pineapple or certain foods help with taste.

There has been no proof at all that food correlates with sex in the slightest. So, you don’t have to go overboard with the pineapples or chocolate before sex. Unless you’re just eating them for the pure pleasure of indulgence.

  1. Great sex comes naturally.

Sex is all about practice, give and take, and communication. The only way to get great at something is to do it over and over. Learning what works best and feels best for you and the person you’re having sex with is the only way to have great sex.


Are there other sex myths that you are done hearing!? Share in the comments below!


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