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There are many weird and obscure things that i bet you have never heard happen before doing the deed. Sex is not always clean and certainly does not look like what we see in movies. It can be awkward and even have gross elements. When it comes to wanting things to be done perfectly, it’s a good idea to lower your expectation to avoid being disappointed.

Truly enough, sex has really evolved as have the people enjoying it. Nowadays it’s no longer just a matter of getting into the sheets, but it’s more about the quality of the experience. The quality is measured in different ways of course, mostly according to a person’s preference.

Some folks find the long marathon sessions more attractive whereas others are just good with the quickie as long as you hit the right spot. With increased exposure and access to the internet, more youth are finding it easier to explore their sexual fantasies and hence the emergence of crazy demands when it comes to sex.

The demands are getting even crazier by the day that what was once termed freaky is now normal. This has piled up pressure on both genders to ensure that when the opportunity comes, they rise to the occasion in style. Especially in this era where sex has become a determining factor in relationships. Since it’s only natural that men take less time to reach orgasm during sex, men have often improvised various methods to delay orgasm and make themselves last longer.

The same goes for women who get an orgasm faster than most. They device almost similar methods to be able to last even longer. And then there are people who refer to these methods simply to spice up their sexual experiences or to deal with the times when they are just not in the mood. We’ve compiled a list of the different methods both genders use to perform better in bed. Dipping one’s balls in cold water, eating peanuts or ‘mukombero’ are just but afew examples.

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