Sex for Grades!


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Campus life is like riding a rollercoaster with a blindfold. It is fun and scary at the same time. One wrong move can make you mess up your entire life. Campus life needs you to balance between good grades and a wild party life. Sometimes you get carried away by the party life that you have to find a way to make up for the grades struggling in ICU.

Sexually Transmitted Marks is one of the ways students use to survive the crazy campus life. Sexually Transmitted Marks are the grades you get by having an affair with your lecturers. The A you get in your transcript is paid for using some ‘frequent favors.’

The most common courses known for Sexually Transmitted Marks is the school of law. Mainly because the bar (pun intended) is set too high. You have a lot of books to read. So, you need to sacrifice a lot of time. “I need to choose whether to go out on a nice Friday night or stay up late reading a massive book. And going out is definitely what I end up doing,” One law student explained.


There are so many reasons why people end up engaging with their lecturers. The first thing is the obvious, for good grades. It seems like the easiest way to hack through campus. This is considering the generation we live in where sex is no big deal. Instead of offering it for free to a guy in campus living in a bedsitter, it is better to put it to good use like getting good grades.

The other reason is that some lecturers tend to be attractive. Just because someone has the title lecturer, that does not mean that students have their eyes closed. This is common in courses in the Bachelor of Arts. The age difference between the lecturer and the student also contributes to this. It makes the act seem less disgusting.


Sexually Transmitted Marks also benefits the lecturers. They also tend to get a little something from the students. However, there are situations where lecturers take advantage of this. They can give a fail so that the student only has the option of passing their class. In such a case, it is clearly a case of sexual assault.

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