Kama huwezi nyamaza kaa na mamako!


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Gossip is often associated with women. Well, that is entirely true. Women can spend hours gossiping about everything, and everyone. They will even add spices to make the gossip juicy. However, tables have turned, and men are indulging in gossip more than women.

Men are now the ones gossiping for hours on end. What a shame? Right? “Yoh bruh, I hit this mami last night, she is so easy,” this is how a man she probably trusted will start the conversation with his friends. It will not end there sis, they will go into details and compare you to other girls they’ve hit. It gets worse.

The whole squad will want to hit you. The sad thing is, you’ll enjoy the attention you are getting that you won’t realise it was all but a game. This is when you give them what they want. It doesn’t get any better when you don’t give into their demands.

Men being men, they can’t take no for an answer. They will do everything they can to hit you. They will send you money and want to spoil you. To be honest, who wouldn’t mind money that they didn’t ask for? Free money! Women will spend it and move on with their lives. And when the men finally realise that this is a wild goose chase, they will start talking trash.


Women may be bad at making decisions. We will take too long to decide what to wear or eat. However, we will not take too long to decide whether to have sex or not. If the girl says yes, it’s your luck. Eat the girl and shut up about it. You don’t have to put your business out there. This makes you less of a man.

If she says no, bruh, be a man and walk away. Do not send her money, do not offer her dates because even if she is not interested, she will say yes to the dates and money. It is easy to know if a girl is interested in you or is just leading you on.


Be smart and play your cards right. Don’t splash your money on her then go around saying how she is a gold digger. Do not speak nasty things about her when she continuously throws bricks at your supposedly ‘smooth lines.’ Women are being subjected to harsh judgment right left and center. If you have something to say about a woman, here’s a free tip: Sit down, take a piece of paper and write down all you have to say. When you are done, give it to your mum.

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