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Should you leave him? Should you leave him not? It’s a tough question, isn’t it? Well, before I tell you my reasons and you make your conclusion, allow me to indulge you in a brief experience:

So, months back, maybe four or three, I was in this really crappy relationship. You know the kind; too much fighting; too much making up; too much everything. And I do not mean to say that too much is poisonous, but, well, isn’t it?

But this I not convincing you of how crappy the relationship was. You are probably thinking it was better than I put it. It wasn’t. You are also probably thinking that every relationship has its downs and I should quit whining; and maybe I m just whining. Or maybe it really was crappy. I will let you be the judge of that.


Anyway, this guy, let’s call him Trevor because why not? So, Trevor was a drunk, and am not judging that because I am kind of a drunk too. The first few times after we met, it was like meeting your soulmate. I did not want to be apart from him even for a second; and it seemed he too did not want to be apart from me. It was heaven, till hell broke loose and rained down on us.

He would drink carelessly, expect me to finance his habits, stay out very late with his “boys” and expect me to be there for him when he comes home; which was mostly around 3.00 A.M. To make matters worse he was cheating, just that I was too blinded by love to wake up and see who he really was.

But the thing is, despite all these, there was never a time that I considered leaving him. In my mind, this was my soulmate. I was in love, and no one could tell me shit. Not even my conscience.

It was only after I finally had the evidence that he was indeed cheating that I decided enough is enough, and left. Otherwise, there is no telling how long I would have stayed in that relationship because of an illusion of love.

And most of us re like that. We find that guy who gives us not only butterflies but a whole damn zoo in our stomachs and we think we have found the one. We sit back, even when this guy shows he is not the one, we sit back, and stay. This is love and love is supposed to lift you up and break you down; we say.

The problem is, we forget the raw definition of love, which is an intense feeling of affection. The fighting, the need to take care of someone who does not give a shit about you; the feeling of someone changing who you are; that is not love.

And if you are in relationship that makes you feel any less than appreciated; I have news for you; Girl, Yes You should leave him.

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