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Simba is a fast rising, young and talented Kenyan rapper who is ready to revolutionize the rap industry. The multitalented rapper has a unique flow that doesn’t fit into the traditional pockets of the beat. His lyrics establish the flow and they are mostly about real life inspirations of a Kenyan youth. His songs bring out a heavy dose of perspective into the youth culture and the everyday hustles of a young man trying to make it the right way.


Simba got into music in 2017 after realizing that with his potential, he needed a platform to air out his views about the society. His first track titled ‘Untitled’ clearly spelt out the struggles of a young artiste still trying to find proper sound. He treasures this track so much since it laid the foundation for the hits that followed. It also sparked the flame to venture into a creative world beyond just music. The subsequent tracks saw him partner with creatives like Jan Nyagaka to extend his ‘Untitled’ series with more creativity and boldness in portraying the youth culture from a different perspective. In the past one year, he has continued to release an extensive stretch of singles, solidifying his presence in the rap industry.

His creative ingenuity has also escalated with time, allowing him to bring together various creators to come up with magical content for his fans. This has widened his lens to become this creative song writer and rapper who could now dive into some heavy subjects like love. This is unlike his other tracks, which have a different kind of flow. He portrayed a unique kind of versatility with the track ‘Caught up in a Trance’ in which he teamed up with Gambi. The track is defined by a fresh sense of emotional distance and confusion.


He brings out an emotional vibe into the song, slowing down his usual fast style. The rapper cites J Cole as his inspiration, especially in the way he asserts his lyrical prowess in his tracks and the way he delivers the bars in a very authentic and straight forward way. His songs also borrow some distinct visual cues from some of Cole’s classics. He also mentions that he is proud of some African acts like Nasty C who is championing the new style of rap in the African continent. This has earned him favour in the sights of critics who say that he might as well be the future of Kenyan hip hop alongside the likes of Steph Kapela.


Simba has grown to understand his crowd and know how to entertain and terrorize them with his flow. At a recent charity event at University of Nairobi, you could feel the energy among the thrilled fans once he stepped on stage. With the ever growing fan base, he is also exploiting his creativity in other fields. He recently partnered with Authentik Afrikan to create an apparel line for custom-made Denim jackets. Simba insists that he is the future of this industry. Watch out!

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