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Sex has lost its value due to the thirsty generation we have now. Sex has become devalued in the society to a point where orgies are normalized. With unlimited exposure of pornography people are allowing their curiosity to get the better of them. In 2016 the news were breaking with Project X, an orgy party that involved high school students. Anyone who left home a virgin went back home not one. The religious folks were left crying out doomsday.

Sex is a gift to humanity that is meant to strengthen the bond between a man and woman, especially in marriage. The ultimate by-product of this union being the offspring bearing their blood and name to ensure continuity of the bloodline and family. But with the global village, sex has continually been abused making it a mockery for our natural emotions.

Juja town and Mtwapa  are among the towns famously known to have orgy parties. It’s becoming increasingly fashionable to organize sex orgies with social apps like Tinder and Facebook assisting in connecting people to hook up and explore their sexual fantasies. It is evident that the government has failed to end the orgies with each rise and advertisements.

We bring you the sad story of how the youth are being lured into sex parties, some as a business, and others for pleasure while a good number are being exploited. Also how unemployment is frustrating the youth to a point where they will do anything to get those chumz.

For more information on this story of  sex orgy menace grab a copy of The Outsyder in The Nairobian issue 11.

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