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Tall, dark and handsome was the ideal man for every Kenyan lady. Due to unavoidable circumstances, a person who keeps fit and has a great body has been added to the list of a perfect man. The same pressure men put on women to lose their belly fat and love handles is the same pressure men should have to go to the gym and be fit. A woman needs to have confidence in telling a bouncer, “My boyfriend can beat you up.”

Keeping fit not only makes you live a long healthy life but it will also make you last longer in bed. The gym gives you stamina. You will measure up to the online praises you gave yourself on WhatsApp. In the middle of all that action, you won’t have the embarrassment of getting muscle pulls and getting short of breath.

Going to the gym also gives you the body to be flexible in bed. This comes in handy when you have an adventurous girlfriend. She will go on an unnamed site, see a new style and pitch it to you. If you’re not fit, you might not match up to the task. Guess where she will go to? Her gym instructor, or someone who can give her what she wants.

Women take pride in their possessions. If you have a great body, she will show you off like a trophy. But kama wewe ni kijana mfupi round, you will always have an emoji to hide you when you take photos. Her excuse will always be that she wants to keep her personal life private. While the truth is, ni wewe ukona mwili private.

It also feels nice having a manly person around. It makes women feel secure. Not a man who jumps with you akiona mende. Naturally, women are attracted to men who make them feel this way. A man who can stand up for her when someone inappropriately gropes her in town. Not someone who will ignore it because he knows he can’t beat up the disrespectful guy. This should be reason enough for you to join the gym.


However, there is a downside to having a boyfriend who has it all. Just because the two of you are dating, does not mean that you are the only one who is seeing him. Other girls have their eyes open too. If your boyfriend is of loose morals, he will end up being a community boyfriend, offering the same services to any needy girl who comes his way.

Clearly, we can’t have it all. The choice is yours. Either kijana mfupi round who has the advantage of being only yours, or a six-pack guy who might end up being a community husband. For more information on He and She vibe grab a copy of The Outsyder in The Nairobian every Friday?

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