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With social media dominating most of our lives, we are bound to know who the slay queens are.They are the girls who take quite impeccable pictures of themselves with emphasis of their best assets and ever part of their life that they feel needs to be envied. And of course those that are always watching their flaws behind the scenes as well as those who are silent followers are regarded to as ‘basic.’ So why would guys pick the slay queens over the basic ones.Especially to hang out which is what we always do at this stage of our lives. Wherever lit plot is, slay queens are present. Why? Why does everyone want a piece of these girls? Well…..

They have flexible meeting hours

Considering they are always online, I bet you that they have all the time in the world to pick a million of calls, reply to several texts and even share profiles of potential ‘new friends’ with their buds.

They are a trophy

Slay queens always strive to look good. These are the kind of girls who will post an ‘all natural selfie’ with some hint of make up on. Do not even think about taking photos f these girls using their bad sides. Be sure that whatever occasion you invite a slay babe in, they will spend a sleepless night thinking about what they will wear and how they will look. The good thing about this bit is that they might dress well according to the occasion. They never disappoint. Best assured if a slay queen is your date, all the attention in the room is all yours.

 They are always presentable. Just Good to look at

This is a downfall that MOST slay queens have. Do not let the looks fool you. They might not be able to hold an intelligent conversation as long as they can take a Snapchat story. Lucky are the ones with both brains and beauty but sadly, it is not common among these species.

They are down for whatever

Most of the adventurous ones and the high-spirited random-plotted guys will find slay queens as the best people on earth. One day you are parting in Nairobi and the next day you find yourself in Diani. You only live once is the motto to go by. If you are looking for great company for the wildest of adventures, extend an invite to a slay queen.





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