The camouflaged online follower!


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We know the drill. You follow, he follows back. He likes all your photos and you return the favour. He slides into your DMs and you think you have found your true love. But people who they find over the Internet hurt 40% of girls. We do not take that extra precaution just because he has a huge following or looks good on the gram.

My name is Esther. Well, I just turned 29 the other day. Looking back, my recent years have not been what I wished for back when I was only 21. I thought that by the time I was 30 I would have figured my life out, became financially stable, had a family and most importantly loved myself. Now I am 29, single, still in my parents’ house and simply a survivor in this game of life.

Self-esteem has always been something that I struggled with ever since I was a girl. My age was not making it easy. I kept wondering how my friends were getting engaged, some getting married and a good number already having kids. If I were younger, I wouldn’t have minded it at all. I would be living my life. But in this case, I need to be in a relationship like yesterday. This kind of desperation is what led me to find men that were really toxic for me. I was willing to settle for anything and anyone who was willing.

It was a depressing way to live life, I know, but what other option was I left with? The worst kind of person I met was through Instagram. I was never a big fan of social media. I would post once in a while and stalk my friends who were living a good life, or pretending to. Anyway, It was not much of my thing to be hooked on my phone. This all changed one day when I saw some fine guy following me. He did not hesitate to like all my photos. I got butterflies.


He was perfect. From his profile, I could tell that he was really into fitness and gyming. He also loved animals. And yes, he turned me into an obsessive stalker. After like a day, he slid into my DM. I swear I felt my knees shake and my brain went black. I felt the pressure to be perfect for him. We talked for weeks and weeks. We never really met but I felt as if we had a connection. Funny enough, we never even exchanged numbers.

He finally asked me out. Without hesitation, I agreed. It was on a Friday. I put on my most classy dress and a pair of heels. He was to pick me up for dinner. He was such a gentleman. He came to pick me up at my office and was the type of man who opened doors for women. I had hit the jackpot. Or so I thought. It didn’t take much. Just a few more dinners and I gave it away.


We had the most amazing weekend at Ngong. Well, at least I enjoyed it. After that, he never used to pick my calls. He took longer to respond to my texts. This is when I knew I had been played. He had gotten what he wanted. Now I am pregnant and the baby daddy doesn’t want anything to do with me. I do wish I listened to my mum’s advice kitambo of not trusting people, especially online.

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