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Internship is over and you got absorbed by your company or got a better offer somewhere else. You are preparing on how to go around the first day of work fearlessly. Tackle your first day of work with these simple steps:

Do your homework before day one-  You probably did a background on the company during your interview. Now that you are in, dig in some more just to get a clear picture of the company and the kind of environment to expect. This will not only help you get ready but also give you a clue on how to go about your first day.

Dress for Success- Dress for the position you want,not the one you have. The way you dress speaks a lot about you. Do not go too casual before you get clarity on what the staff members wear. Some organizations especially creative agencies are not so strict about the formal dress code. All in all remember that the way you dress affects how people think about you and what you think about yourself as well. It also affects how people think about your ability and performance.

Have a “just in case” outfit in your desk drawer-  As much as you are careful about dressing well for work, things happen as the day goes by. You might step put for lunch and stain your tie or shirt, then get a call for a very important meeting. Have a change of outfit in your desk because you never know when you need to make a last minute outfit change for a meeting or work event.

Keep time- You might find that a lot has already been put in your plate during day one. This calls for organization and setting dates and deadlines for yourself before you screw yourself up on the first days of work.

Socialize carefully- You are probably seeing yourself working at the organization for a long time. You will therefore have to know your colleagues. However it is good to put a filter in your mouth while at it. Be careful with the amount of personal information you let out.

Accept guidance and ask questions-  You might have a little experience from a previous company but being inquisitive does not hurt. Ultimately, you are there to learn while performing. Keep in close touch with supervisors and colleagues to be sure what you’re doing each day is in line with the organization’s priorities. Also, asking questions lets you come out of your comfort zone and shows that you are genuinely interested in the job.

Network-  Apart from socializing, network with your colleagues and even outside the company. While attending meetings and events, make sure to learn what others are doing especially potential clients and organizations that are on the same mission as you.

Challenge yourself- Do not forget about the hard tasks.Take this as a chance to get out of your comfit zone and an opportunity for personal growth. Enrich your professional portfolio by making yourself appealing to future employers while contributing to your current company.

Ask for feedback- Ask about your progress as frequently as possible to whoever you  report to. This will definitely show your employer that you are taking your work seriously and that you are ready to correct your mistakes and build yourself.


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