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Starting a t-shirt printing business is a great and inexpensive way to have income flowing in and out. Choosing a niche is absolutely vital for success in an over-saturated t-shirt industry. People tend to identify themselves with specific unique brands.This has been seen with brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel. Kenyans have also developed the urge to try and develop their own brands. This kind of healthy thirst has led to established local brands like POeD, Peperuka, Home254, Nairobi Apparel District and many more. These brands identify a particular person with their style and what they represent. Here are ways you can establish your own t-shirt printing business.


Get A Business Plan. This is the most important part of starting any business. A business plan is important as it helps one know exactly what they want to do. The plan will help an entrepreneur in working the profit and loss projections. This will help keep track of the finances in the business. One should also get a logo that people will identify the business with. In the business of t-shirt printing, a really great logo is important. This gives the clients a rough idea of the creativity in the business. Ensure you get something bomb to reel in as many clients as possible.

Know Your Market Niche. Every businessman has to ensure their target market is well-defined. This helps one to place their product in such a way that will fit the target market’s needs. One has to know the needs of the target market, their age, interests and even style. By doing this, one will know the type of fabric to even use when printing t-shirts.


Build An Online Platform. Printing t-shirts is a business that involves a lot of online marketing. This is because most of the target market is tech-savvy. Young people these days are the ones engaging in a lot of branding of t-shirts and even hoodies. This is because they want their peers to identify them to a particular brand name. They form their own identity. They always go online to popularise their brands. A wise businessman will try and capture his or her audience at their most popular joint and there comes the need of starting an online platform for your business. All you need is a laptop, good internet connection and an e-commerce website that has your virtual store.

Choose The Right Printing Means. There are different types of printing means that one can choose from. There is screen printing, direct to garment printing, heat printing and embroider printing. Each method is preferred by different people due to the quality of output given. They also have their advantages and disadvantages ranging from cost to quality. Doing market research on the printing means and the target market will help one know which one to use to ensure the business runs profitably.

Find Out The Right Cloth Supplier. Cloth suppliers matter a lot in this industry. This is because they influence the quality of attire to be worn by a particular target market. A good t-shirt supplier will ensure consistency in quality. The right cloth supplier will also guarantee good work of art on the t-shirts. Great work of art will make your market keep coming back for more.


Set Up Your Printing Studio. After putting everything in order, one has to set up shop. This is where all the printing will be done. You can do it while at home but if you want the business to grow and show some seriousness, then there will be need to have an official shop. This will also ensure clients know where to
go to get their merchandise. Always have enough equipment to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Get A Designer’s Help. Getting a designer to help in the printing will ensure that great designs come out. A second opinion is also great as it will ensure clients get what they want and in a perfect way.

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