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Embarking on a new venture? Here are some tips that you should take into consideration in order to have a smooth ride:

Know what you do and do what you know.

The reason why you started your business in the first place is   because you are trying to fill a gap somewhere right? Do what you love. Business conducted around your strengths and talent will definitely have a high chance of success. If your heart is not in the venture, you are not going to be successful. Do not start a business just because it seems cool.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Focus focus focus. Do one thing perfectly instead of ten things poorly. Keep doing that one thing that you do and avoid getting distracted in the way. Jumping into multiple ventures at the same time will only exhaust you and run you thin. Focus on one venture and give it your best.

Pitch it in 30 seconds.

Investors are anywhere and everywhere hat we go  to. Once you think that  you are in a situation where a potential investor is right in front of you, pitch your business in 30 seconds. By the first few sentences, they would have already made up their mind and you can always tell by the response that they give. Besides, these are very busy people

No one will give you money.

No one is as committed to your venture as you are. If you don’t pile up the rejections, you haven’t done enough research. Do not feel bad about rejections and the need for no capital before you work for it yourself. Gather everything you have at hand first before you even start borrowing. Some well-wishers will  even throw money your way once they see your own effort first.

Do not be a know it all.

Accept all the corrections that you receive. Do not  be hard headed and decide to do things your own way without inviting other parties to share their opinions. Accept the support that comes your way from family and friends.

Sit down.Be humble.

You have to understand that this is your first business. Do not be afraid of having a small office with barely enough furniture and staff. In fact, when you kick off, you will be your own boss and your own office messenger.  Also, give your clients and other people all the respect that they need. If the ship is not steering in the direction that you want, feel free to politely decline.

Stay healthy.

The only way to be productive is by staying healthy. working yourself out till you wear out is definitely not  the way to go. Entrepreneurship  is a lifestyle. Eat well,stay hydrated and get the right amount of sleep.

Learn under fire. 

We might have a read so many books and tips that will help us in a new business venture. However, no plan is perfect  and no path is easy. We must learn to work under the most difficult of circumstances. Learning under fire only gives us more strength to carry. Do not be afraid of making those business mistakes, just do not make them twice.

Know when to call it quits.

If the ship sinks, you as the captain should be able to analyze the situation and realize the mistakes that you made. Reflect on your work and asses what would have been done differently and the new path that you might explore. If all these does not work, put your ego aside and call it quits. Do not burn your finger by pushing yourself to the edge.



Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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