Team Mafisi, here are types of condoms you should know about!


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Are you a certified fisi? If you are a member of mafisi sacco, then it means you like having fun, lots of fun. The type of fun that takes place in the bedroom. And other places that allow for quickies e.g …(let your mind take you to all those wild places). Lungula is something that should be handled with care. Here are types of condoms that you probably didn’t even know existed. Welcome to 2017.

1. Latex

This is the most common type of condom. Most guys use this one and it might be lubricated or not. Sometimes they might cause itchiness or redness because some dudes are allergic to the rubber. Explore how your body reacts when you use that type of condom before saying condoms ain’t for you. This the recommended condom because it doesn’t break easily and it has very small pores which means there’s increased protection against STDs, HIV and pregnancy.  Mafisi, get yourself some.

2. Non Latex

These are the ones that are made of a different material other than latex. This might be lambskin or polyurethane. Lambskin? Yeah, super weird.  The arousal is super fast with these types. Buuuuuuut, it has demerits. It can easily break. Plus the pores are slightly bigger and this might put you and your partner at risk.

3. Spermicide condoms

These condoms contain a chemical substance that immobilizes sperms and destroys them. This is not full-proof that your partner won’t get pregnant. There’s a slight chance that the chemical messes up with the condom and this lowers the strength of condom.

4. Female condoms

As the name goes, these are condoms for women. They can be worn up to 8hours before sex so not need to worry about acting in the heat of the moment. The problem is that they are not known to be as effective as male condoms so have a backup plan such as contraceptive pills.

5. Ultra thin

This something a member of the Kenyan team mafisi might opt for. These are super thin condoms and they increase arousal. It’s gonna be fun and pleasurable sliding it in. If you use them properly, they won’t break. Just use them immediately and lay the pipe proper.

6. Novelty 

This is a crazy type of condom for even mafisi. I don’t even know whether Kenyan campus students would use such often. The fuss about novelty condoms is that they glow in the dark. If you want to light up the romping, go for these novelty condoms. They are totally safe by the way. It’s just that they a bit bright.

7. Flavoured

If you want some head and your chic is not sure, go for the flavoured condoms. But errh, if it causes problems, better find something that works for you. These condoms are also safe and a student from a Kenyan campus might want to give it a try. BJs are heaven if done right. Sssssssssssss.


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