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The music industry has been embracing creativity, uniqueness and talent by video vixens that attract more viewership. Being a video vixen has become a lucrative profession but still remains a subject of much criticism. Most young women are getting into this business as part time hustle. Just like any other business, video vixens are subjected to challenges and misconceptions. Most of the times the negatives outweighs the positives.

The profession has received a load of lambasting by a part of the society that holds the belief that it immortalizes rape culture and dehumanizes the female body.  However, most people within the entertainment industry discard the critics saying that it’s simply the sexual nature that makes people conclude otherwise.


Some artists see this career as an invitation to disrespect the video vixens. They forget their consent is still valid. Some video vixens stand their ground unwilling to be defined by the artists. They are there to perform and tell the story carrying the artist message and that just it! Money lures some video vixens of easy virtues, flashy lifestyles and drugs eventually they get involved in messy situations.

One of those young prominent video vixens who has come into the limelight during this period when the profession is at its peak is Rebecca Muendi Michael aka Becky the vixen. The Dundaing video vixen has experienced it all, coming from a young Instagram model struggling to get a breakthrough to working with top
artistes like Ali Kiba, Kristoff, King Kaka, Timmy Tdat and Arrow Bwoy.

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