And then letting him go


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A lot of chics have been telling me that there’s no ‘last-time sex’. That once a guy’s dick ingias you, the guy owns your shipoto for good. Come to think of it, how many times has your guy banged you for the ‘last time’? 

When a guy is hitting the right spots your mind races and so does your mouth. ‘Damn… boy you just hit it…right there boy!’  Then later, comes the moment of truth when you spot him with his main chic and you feel drained and wasted. ‘No biggie it was the last time we banged’, your mind seems to say.

But well girl, you feel it in your nerves that he dumped you for being a “bitch”

Well, never let a guy dump you. If he dumps you, bring him back to your fold and then dump his silly ass. Here are ways to get him back just so that you can drop him later:

1. Don’t act bitchy.

It’s time you down your stubborn nature if you need to bring your power back. If he sucks at calls, cut down on the number of times you call him. Whenever you call him, be solemn and kind. Remember to let out hearty laughter in the conversations.

If he takes to ordering you, you might have to be submissive and follow his orders to the latter. Throw in some favours even when he doesn’t ask for any. That way, you fool him into believing that you’ll be his slave forever.

2. What about the other chic?

Do not discuss his current relationship or the snatcher who took him away from you. Act normal as if nothing happened. You can even go ahead to tell him that you appreciate the idea of polygamy.

If he brings up the topic about his galfie, just fake interest and excitement and tell him how gorgeous his girl is.


3. Bring your sexy game back.

He probably hated your granny pants, so put them aside.

Morph into a classy and sexy chic. Bring out that side of you that he has never experienced. If it calls for involving specialists and fashionists, it’s okay to go the long way. He could be a hard nut to crack but you are a WOO-man remember!?

Bringing him back to your fold is a must-do in your to-do list. Shine like never before and fool him into believing that you are ready to go the extra mile into pleasing him. Let him feel as though he’s dating a whole different chic.    

4. Be extraordinary.

If you have never called him out on a date, it’s time you did so. (Don’t sulk, you  won’t be doing this quite often remember). Look out for a restaurant which you have never been to; go out of the ordinary.

Bring out a whole new world before his eyes. You want to make him feel like he’s experiencing a whole new kind of love, while in real sense you are putting an end to it. If you have been doing it at his place or yours, lookout for a new place. It has to be a romantic setting which he’ll probably never forget about.


5. Toe-curling  Sex.

You have to work a great deal on this one. Remember it’s the last time you are going to have him. But sshh! He doesn’t know about that yet. He probably thinks that you’ll be having great sex forever.

Had you sucked his D before he dumped you? If not, its time you sucked it. It’s time you tried new styles in bed. He’ll have good memories about you once you dump his silly ass.

This will also be the right time to fake moans and scream at the top of your lungs. And just make sure you orgasm before he does.

Once you are on cloud nine, hug him and look into his eyes. Then grab your clothes, dress up and walk out.

Once you are away from him, text him and tell him that it was nice knowing him and you ain’t doing him again.

If you are brave enough, face him (hard and horny as he is) and tell him that it’s over. Just mean what you say and say what you mean.


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