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“Lets go back to the blue print, bila yesu ni ngori”, says Moji. The whole gospel industry is in shambles. Everybody is talking, I am just changing the channel. Okay that is not what Moji says but it implies to what he aims at doing.

Moji says that the gospel industry is just in a mess and needs Jesus to save it. Gospel music is changing in both the music and life style.

Why do the gospel artists in today’s society involve themselves in so many scandals? Fame comes with a lot of responsibilities and people see gospel artists as perfect human beings. I do not know how that is but as a transmitter of the gospel people expect you to be clean in the eyes of man and the Lord up above.


Performance of gospel artists in clubs and secular events by gospel artists has come under fire by the community. Moji gives his words on the issue.

Is gospel music just about the money or about spreading the word of the most high? People claim that gospel artist just do it for the money and move on. Moji Shortbaba has his own remarks on the issue.

Gospel beats sound like the secular hits. People claim that there should be a difference in the gospel music beats and secular ones. Moji fired one of his best lines of the day on the issue. Secular beats should not be different from gospel hits. “Who says that beats spread the gospel?”says Moji. People should just invest in good music that will spread the word as it is without twists.

Music is music as long as it spreads the word and does not matter where it is played. Moji’s take on the gospel industry has been dissected fully in the Outsyder.

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