Guys, let's take a walk down-town. The how to


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Y’all are probably fantasizing about going down south, and about your chic returning the favour. It’s a wamlambez, wamnyonyez era, right?

Do you picture yourself sucking that wet, soggy and pink cookie?  Do you picture her worshipping your mjulubeng and returning the favour? Boy, it’s not going to come easy. You have to hit her right spots first and make her scream with ecstasy before she goes down on her knees. So before that happens, let’s put some things across :  


It’s quite possible to contract HIV and other STIs through oral sex. To avoid spreading the same, it’s necessary to screen for STIs and test for HIV. Accompany your partner so that you can have a glimpse of their health status too. Use female condoms if you are not sure about your partner’s status. The crashing of two wet pairs of lips is explosive boy! So get yourself a healthy chic, throw away kodoshe and roll with her to cloud nine!

2. Hygiene and proper grooming.

Do not dive south if she has a thicket for a pussy unless that is your thing. Pubic hair, sweat and vaginal fluids lodge in that bush.

You can opt to have a bath together and groom each other down there just before you chew(but keep your teeth out of it)her. Using scented water will do wonders to her cookie. There you go, you now have a smooth, scented and clean pussy. Kazi kwako sasa budaah!  

3. Foreplay.

It’s time you prepare her mind and body now that you are about to rock her boat. Kiss her lips as you touch her body sensually, then grab her butt as you suck her boobs. Whisper sweet nothings in her ears as you breathe heavily in them.

You might even want to talk dirty in her ears; tell her about wetting her warm pussy with your lips, tell her you to want to suck and flick her clit. Tell her you want to suck off her veejay flavours. By now, she is dying to have your lips on her pussy.

4. Going down on her.

Dude, please remember to keep your teeth out of this. Use your lips and wet them enough making a big O and kiss her honeypot as you suck it. By this time her pussy could be wet with vaginal fluids. You could flick her nipples as you suck her.

If you don’t love the taste of pussy, use flavoured lube. Avoid using sugary stuff like chocolate since they may irritate her pussy or cause infections. Use your tongue to locate her clit. The clit is a bony and sensitive zone. She may react when you flick it. The covering on her clit is the clitoral hood that hides the bean (clit). Try unearthing the hood and flick the bean.

She will react to the sensitivity. Alternate sucking the bean and flicking it repeatedly. The right side of the bean is highly sensitive. She may be about to orgasm by now but don’t get her there yet.

Shift your focus to her veejay, kiss her veejay as you suck the life out of her. Remember to keep things wet and soggy down there. Count on lube, lube, lube!

Tilt and slide your tongue into her pussy and try to locate her G-spot which is an inch away from her pussy on the upper roof. Flick the area as you extend your tongue to the pit of her pussy. Tongue -fuck her then direct your lips to her clit. By this time she may be moaning. It’s time you suck her till she orgasms. 

You will be able to tell when she finally orgasms. She may hold onto your head strongly and/or clench onto the sheets. She is also likely to make a loud moan and gasp for air. Dude, you won’t miss the signs.

5. Returning the favour.

You ate her out. Congratulations! Now it’s time she sucked the life out of your soldier.

She might be unable to go down on you or she could be plainly uninterested. To avoid disappointments, ask her beforehand if she is interested in giving head.

Girl, its time you returned the favour. If you have made health considerations and you are plainly into him, get down and give him some head.  

6. Forget about the teeth.

Remember to keep your teeth out of this. You don’t want to ruin a good moment, do you? If you end up biting at his dick he may pack his goodies and go preach to his boys about how poor you are at giving head. Then his boys will be giving you that ‘weird’ look every time they meet you. 

7. Hitting the right spots.

Giving head involves using your tongue, lips and hands (for the beginners). Mature girls swallow dick – they swallow it whole!

Regardless of its size, you’ve got to hit the right spots to see that volcano erupt. Kiss it softly as you wet it with your lips. Kiss the shaft all the way to his testicles. His balls require TLC (tender loving care) so handle them properly. They are fragile you know.

Now shove his dick into your mouth. Wrap your lips around it as you roll your tongue on it and make an in and out movement as you suck it. Hit the roof of your mouth with it (forget about the teeth) and let it hit the furthest point of your mouth. Suck his dick as you papasa his balls gently.


Try making some letters or shapes on his perineum using your tongue. Attend to his shaft by licking it the way you lick ice-cream. Try deepthroating if you feel confident enough. In a span of minutes, his knees will be wobbly and his volcano will be about to erupt. Hold on to the balls once he’s about to mwaga and slightly lift them up mpaka amwage.

8. Gagging on dick.

It takes a great deal of time and experimentation to be an expert at sucking dick. Don’t ask me how I perform down there, but well, they all moan and remain lifeless in a span of two minutes. I don’t choose the two-minute ones by the way. So that tells you about my expertise and don’t ask me who ‘ALL’ refers to.

Have you thought about deep-throating, like letting his dick down your throat? Don’t try it unless you feel confident. You may vomit on his dick and that will cause a lot of problems!

Try putting let say a toothbrush down your tongue until you no longer feel the gag reflex. It’s gonna take some time.

For the deep throaters, do I really need to teach you how to go about it? Just shove his dick down your throat, shove it in and out repeatedly. Remember to shove it whole.

9. Wam-mezez or Wamtemez?

It’s for you to choose whether you are going to spit it out or swallow. If you are going to spit it out don’t show it to his face how disgusting the cum is. If he tastes sweet, let his thick, aromatic and flavoured cum run down your throat with a smile on your face.

Men find women who swallow cum to be very attractive. Swallowing his cum could also act as an ego boost for him. Better still, let it spill all over your face and smear it on your face for that perfect glow, then roll like the goddess you are!   


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