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(This interview happened on 28th March 2020) 

Getting fit has always been a priority to some and a mere dream to others but for Robinson Opiyo, aka Riodee;  the man who sits before me in Jeevanjee Park, it is a love he only discovered he had after moving to Qatar from Kenya in 2014.

At that time, he needed an escape from the scandal that interrupted his breakthrough in his music career, a breakthrough that had led him to work with the likes of akina Prezzo.

He later explains the misunderstanding of the scandal, but for now, he talks about fitness and his journey as a fitness trainer.


“Some people think fitness is a small thing; that once you know how to lift weights you can suddenly become a fitness trainer. Being a fitness trainer is like being a doctor; you have to understand how the human body works, the bones, the proper diet, you have to know everything before you become a fitness trainer.” 

Riodee who enrolled in the International Fitness Alliance in Qatar where got his certification in level two and three in Fitness Training to be what he is now, a personal fitness trainer for military personnel, sportspeople, and celebrities.

His journey as a fitness trainer has led him to many different places; to Qatar which he describes as a very hot cultured country, then to Dubai that he says is full of parties, to Bahrain where he dangled once again with his music dream and finally back to Kenya, his homeland where he started from and whereupon his return,  has trained many celebrities among them Khaligraph Jones, Timmy Tdat and Obinna.

Riodee with Timmy Tdat

“I remember when I was in Qatar and people saw the results I have delivered, because you know for fitness it’s always about the results you deliver. So when they saw the people who I have transformed their lives through fitness, they were impressed. I got gyms calling me from all over, Europe, Oman, Dubai; and I decided to settle for Dubai.” he says. 

For Riodee, his very first client was himself. He moved to Qatar a very skinny college graduate guy and was able to completely transform himself into the man he is today. That is what he hopes to achieve for all of his clients, to transform their bodies into ones that they will look at in the mirror and smile.

Riodee transformation over the years


But before any transformation, as a fitness trainer, Riodee insists that you have to know the body type of your client before you decide to train them towards a goal they want to reach. There are three different body types for everyone; Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. 

However, that is not the most crucial part of fitness training according to Riodee. He says, of the most crucial part in fitness training:

“Diet. Diet is definitely the most crucial part. Before you even think about anything, you have to focus on diet because you can train someone perfectly but if they are not eating right, you cannot see results or it will take a long time for you to see results.

And you know in fitness there are very many people with different goals. There are those who just want to maintain fitness, there are those who want to be bodybuilders, there are those who want to lose weight, some who want to gain weight. So for people who want to gain or lose weight, strictly diet. Even for the bodybuilders. For bodybuilders, it’s even worse because you have to measure everything they eat. For those people who are competing, it’s a lot of sacrifices.”

He then tells me about his own  Fitness program called F50 (Functional Training for 50Minutes) that has transformed the lives of many and how he works at a private gym in Parklands, although he is saving up to own his own gym someday.



But as much as he talks of Fitness with so much passion, he claims that it is not his main hustle.

“My main Hustle is music. It has always been music. Fitness just came as a result of it.” 

And so the conversation about Riodee the rapper begins. and like all other artists, music for Riodee is a passion that burned inside him since he was a young boy.

“I remember I knew how to write music way before I even knew what a recording studio looked like. There was this time when I was in form 2, I had this friend and he would bang on the desk creating beats while I freestyled to the beat. Right now, the friend has gone as far as owning a recording studio and recording for some big people. ” 

His friend was not the only one to succeed in terms of music though.  Riodee who mostly curtain- raised for celebs back in the day, had his breakthrough in music when he joined a group called MMG formed by Prezzo back in 2012

He recorded some songs; some his own, some with Prezzo; he appeared in some videos, and then, just at that highlight of his music career, a scandal occurred.


Riodee with Prezzo

“You asked me why I moved to Qatar. This is why. I recorded a video of a song and that video had so many guns in it, real guns and so people assumed I was involved in violent activities. There were so many blogs at that time saying how Prezzo’s boy is involved in gangs and whatever and what is crazy is, the song was actually against gun violence.

I would wake up and just see myself in news blogs, all this publicity for the wrong thing It was crazy and I just decided to get out. I applied to some online jobs in Qatar and just moved there, to leave the scandal behind.”

Moving to Qatar, for Riodee,  must have been the basic definition of making the best out of the worst situation. He later became an accomplished Fitness trainer but still, Music, his first passion was never far from his mind.

It was when he moved to Berlin that he decided to try his luck the second time. He recorded some songs and shot some videos of others. One video, GUAYAGUAYA which is on his YouTube Channel made a couple of TV stations call him up for interviews but since he was in Berlin, he could not make it.


“That is why I decided to move back to Kenya. To venture more into my music because this is where I can grow.” 

Moving back to Kenya has led him to reconnect with a couple of old friends in the music industry; some of who are big names like Timmy Tdat, Khaligraph, Prezzo all of who he claims she started out with. Now, he says, now it’s his time and he’s going for what he knows he deserves.

To do that however he has to pay his dues.


“In music, you have to make a lot of sacrifices, you have to make a lot of connections, preparations before you start. That’s what I have been doing; making a lot of preparations. I have three unreleased videos and am not the kind of artist to just release videos and throw them like that. A lot of artists want to release something today and blow up the next day. You have to patient. ” he says. 

“The Music Hustle is not an easy one. There are things you have to consider before you go into, and one of the most important is money.

You have to have money to record your song, to register to several music platforms, to shoot your videos in which you have to pay everyone involved in all that. ” he continues. 


For Riodee, Fitness Training is that hustle that feeds his main hustle, which is music. As a matter of fact, this Saturday, the 16th of May, 2020, Riodee will be releasing a music video to his song Tera Mos.  

And so, on that note, we conclude the story of Riodee, the Rapper/Fitness Trainer.





Riodee’s IG Handle: riodee

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