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The Kinyozi has always been perceived as a place where men go to read newspaper and magazines as they chat with their buddies on boy stuff. However, with a new generation of ambitious women taking over the barbershops the tradition perception is under threat. The well –furnished barber shops with pretty ladies are taking over the market. Here are reasons why men prefer barbershops with women.

The female touch (gentle hands). Men are first drawn to a female barber out of curiosity. Men react to physical interactions quite fast especially if it’s coming from the opposite gender. A simple brush of hands can provoke excitement, comfort and pleasure. The reason why men prefer getting a hair cut from a lady is that a female touch is pleasurable compared to man’s touch which is a bit rough.


The Massage. Massages leaves the body with a centered feeling of revitalization and relieves stress and strain. Most men go to the barbershop for the free massages which is good for their health’s and uplifts their moods. The ladies always know the right spots to touch.

The boobs cushion. Boobs are a great place for men to rest their heads. The sexy boobs are always the center of attraction for men especially if a lady barber is wearing a vest, so her cleavage is exposed. During the entire shave, one stares at the mirror hoping to get a glance at those boobs. After the shave she leans your head back to rest on her boobs as she massages your head, neck and chest. The pleasure that’s come with boobs as cushion is unimaginable.

The football queen. Most lady barbers have a passion for the sport. There is nothing attractive to a man like a woman who genuinely enjoys football apart from the good looking players. The connection becomes instant. Men like protecting their egos and that’s why they will continuously debate with female counterparts until they get an upper hand. At times men appreciate a female’s advice when it comes to placing a bet and analyzing the game. Football conversations never ends that’s why a man would spend more than three hours in a barbershop. At this point a man would even ‘Shoot their shot ‘towards the cute ladies.

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