Why some men are trash just as their lies!


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When you take time to go on Google and search why men are trash, them being the biggest liars will be at the top of the list. This horrid habit has led to the high mistrust women have when it comes to what men have to tell us. We all agree men are trash but we are also trash for falling for these lies. Here are some of the biggest lies. “I am not like other girls” If a guy tells you that he is not like other guys, this means that he is the leader of ‘other guys.’ He is not like them because they follow him. He is the sensei. This is a lie that any girl at this time and age should not fall for.

Sorry I am not ready for a relationship. Ladies, this is the biggest lie men will tell you. It’s not that they are not ready for a relationship. It’s that they are not ready for a relationship with you. As they are busy telling you that they are not ready for something serious, they already have their perfect woman somewhere and you are just a pastime.

“I can make a call’. When it comes to getting the cookie, men can do anything. They pay attention to small details and try to impress you. If you find a guy who always says that he can just make a call to get you a gig or VIP pass to an event or any kind of favour, well I have bad news. Most of the times he might not even be giving a hoot about you or anything you like. He just wants to get that cookie. Right after he makes that call, he will expect you to pay back accordingly.

“I am looking for someone to grow with”. This sounds like a dream come true. A man who really doesn’t want sex but actually wants to grow with you. Sadly, that is not the case. This is a tactic; men use to get past our ‘incubation period.’ They are well aware that during this incubation period is when we want to grow ourselves and heal from a heartbreak. The quickest way to get the cookie is to portray a supportive persona during this time.


“I will wait for when you are ready”. This is the biggest brainwash in history. The statement targets our subconscious mind that tends to feel sorry for the guy. You will then end up having pity sex with this guy sooner than you had anticipated. The statement will make you feel as if he actually cares about your feelings. Little do you know that the moment you chill for too long, he will move to his next bait. All men are trash. That is no secret. You are the one who chooses what trash you can deal with. However, you should not fall for these lies. If a guy can’t be straightforward with you that means he is not worth your time sis.

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