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Taking nudes is the new thing now, it’s slowly replacing the booty calls. To a few it’s some sort of creative endeavour, while to others it’s a side hustle. Most of us are not comfortable with it. The continued moral decadence in our society is a debate that seems to be going nowhere since as much as the older generation unceasingly complains and puts blame on Western influence, more and more millennials and Gen Zers are drowning in confusion.

The lack of basic cultural structures, lack of content control, tough economic times and degenerating morals has left most youth opting for ventures that would otherwise not be thought of as possible in our continent. The rise of prostitution among young girls has been a challenge that the society is yet to find a solution to, and as it seems there are no hopes for an instant solution in the near future. And now even worse, more youth are devising other forms of prostitution which involve selling their bodies online to thirsty sex addicts.

Most people, hooked into thirsty sexual ventures are nowadays turning to buy customised adult content as opposed to watching free adult content on some popular sites. These horny clients who are out for sexual content are now looking for more personalised forms of ‘porn’ and they are willing to pay for it. And with the demand going higher, it has become a gamble where you spend more to see more skin, and you spend even more to get the video vixen to get more intimate to an extent of even moaning your name.

It generates a very special relationship between the seller and the buyer, even though there is no actual physical interaction between the two. Levels of interaction have grown from only photos being sold with limited personal interaction to a more involved correspondence with dirty talk sexting, or virtual sex sessions.


Lorna, a third-year student in one of the prominent universities in Nairobi, is a victim of circumstances that led her to dive into this business. She terms it as lucrative but insists it wasn’t by choice – her life circumstances forced her into being creative with her hustles. Grab a copy of The Outsyder in The Nairobian tomorrow to read more on online nude games.

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