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Nairobi watches Munene M’Rithaa, the ‘Kenyan J Cole’, rise from the shadows to claim his place on the national stage. He takes pride in being a humble city boy who speaks to the broken generation Munene M’Rithaa, known by the stage name Nene.K, is a Kenyan artist. He raps, sings and he is a songwriter. He is known for his way with words, cadence and energy in his music. His songs spark a conscious state of thinking and feel good vibe. They offer one a J Cole vibe, a kind of vibe very few artists are able to achieve.

He terms himself as a voice of reason, motivation and freedom to his listeners and generation. Nene gained recognition as an artist following his consistent release of freestyles videos and remixes on both his Instagram and YouTube pages. They gained a lot of attraction from listeners in the social media realm. Through this platform, he got the attention of HomeBoyz radio’s Ignition Drive, hosted by Kwambox. He was given his first shot as a performer on the 68th Anniversary of Industry Nite. People were amazed by the energy he had on the stage and his delivery and engagement with the crowd.

His talents and efforts did not go unnoticed. He gained the attention of the legend Jua Cali and he performed on the same stage with him. This led to the graduation of Nene from causing a social media buzz to an actual performer and MC. He is currently signed under the label City Boy Establishments. It is an entertainment company that he co-owns with his brothers and other associates.

He grew up in an education-oriented family. Books always came first. Despite all this, his motivation comes from his family. Music runs deep in the family. His dad plays the guitar and his mum sings in church. His brothers and he follow in the footsteps of their eldest sibling, City Boy YB, who came in the game early. It was really helpful for him having his family being his number one fan. Nene started as a poet in high school. His inspiration came from growing up in a musically talented family. He moved into song writing when he met a group of boys that shared the same passion and ideas.

They would spend most of their free time coming up with ‘fire lines’ and music. He recorded his first song last year. It was not an easy journey. This is considering the fact that music can frustrate someone if you are not patient enough. His friend Santuri pushed him to try his luck. Although his first single did not get the clout he expected, he kept on pushing. His effort has led him grow and gain a lot of recognition and love from different people. His fans describe his music as real hip-hop.


The secret to his amazing work is his motivation to make the world a better place before time runs out. His mantra is, ‘Never stop creating, and never stop believing.’ Locally, he is inspired by the underground scene that has a lot of brilliant and obsessively creative minds. He believes that he is the future and a force to reckon with in the coming days. He is currently gearing for the release of his first extended play. He describes it as special. Listen to his music on YouTube @Nene K.

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