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Did you know you can become a fitness model in Kenya and actually earn a living out of it? Well, this week we take a look at the fitness industry and some of the people that ensure it is not among the dying breed of jobs in Kenya. Fitness models are people both male and female who model on the basis of their physique.

They are different from bodybuilders because they do not aim at achieving muscle density. All they do is just tone their bodies so as to look good on the runway. Pelesia Wambia is a fitness model and trainer in the fitness world. She began her journey back in high school. Her main motivation for getting into the fitness industry was to raise her self-esteem.

This is because people use to bully her because of her weight. She started going to the gym in 2017 and with the support of her father she took it up as a lifestyle. She started off by doing lots of cardio and slowly was introduced to weight lifting and body toning. Pelesia admits that seeing the results at first was really difficult but once they started coming in she was impressed by her efforts. Pelesia describes the fitness industry in Kenya as one of the fastest-growing.

This is because people are learning more and more about the trade and embracing it on a day to day basis. It is actually becoming a lifestyle for most people. The fitness industry is one that is very wide and open to different kinds of people. Due to this, everyone is able to place themselves where they see fit. It is also a highly competitive industry.

People tend to compare the hottest gyms around town, the best trainers and even the craziest training routines. This shows a lot of positivity among Kenyans in terms of fitness. Pelesia decided to go into the fitness industry due to the scarcity of fitness models in the country. From time to time, different companies require fitness models to help them advertise their products.

Being a fitness model is an undertaking that requires patience and commitment. This is because apart from the fitness aspect, one has to tie it down with social media fame. The trade, also being one of the newest, is one that pays quite well and people are slowly realizing this. How well it pays, though, depends on the brand one endorses.

As it is with any undertaking it’s never smooth sailing all through. Pelesia highlights some challenges that she has encountered during her journey as a fitness model. The training that comes with achieving the desired body is always the hardest part. This is because of the mind wrecking routines one has to undertake. Another challenge for her was comparing herself to the already achieved fitness gurus in the industry.

If one is not careful this is where demotivation and depression kicks in. The other challenge that she encountered was the inability to sustain a gym membership. Gym memberships in Kenya are quite expensive and without a stable job, one cannot manage. She advices some of the upcoming youth in the fitness industry to always ensure that it is their passion. This will prepare them physiologically for the tasks they aim to undertake.


Discipline is also an important aspect in the fitness world. Apart from training, there is also the aspect of keeping a strict diet and getting enough sleep. If one of these goes wrong, the whole routine gets messed up. She also advises the upcoming fitness models to focus on building themselves. As much as one aims at looking like someone else, they have to keep in mind that everyone is different in terms ofBody structure. Pelesia has worked with a couple of brands. One being Genio_sport. She is keen on buildingher brand and soon hopes to become one of the top fitness models in Kenya.

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