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After attending a job interview, the waiting period sets in. Numerous questions are likely to ring in your mind during this time. 

Questions like, Did I nail the interview? Will they call back? What if I don’t get the job? will become like a broken record in your mind. 

But worry not. If you put the best foot forward during the interview, then there’s very little, if anything, to be anxious about. Here are things to do or consider doing after the job interview:  

1. Sending a Thank-You Email Response

Thanking your interviewers after an interview is the first and major follow-up step. Send each of the panelists who interviewed you a thank-you email.

Remember to inform them that you look forward to their reply. It communicates to them that you appreciate their time and sacrifice. And that you are interested in working with them. 

It’s also advisable to ask about your interviewing skills and how you can make an improvement on the same if at all they are poor. That way, you are more likely to nail the job and/or improve on your skills.

2. Nailing The Assignments

If you are assigned some work after the interview, attend to it faithfully. Be sure to observe the submission rules and the deadline too. 

Do the work to the best of your ability. It could be the last chance you have to prove your suitability for the job. It could also be the only determinant as to whether you will nail the job or not.

3. Observing Patience

Follow your normal routine after the interview as you wait for the feedback patiently. Avoid being anxious over the same and be ready for any type of feedback. 

Avoid calling, texting and sending numerous emails to your interviewers consistently. It takes quite some time before a company or organisation settles on bringing a new member on board.

Your interviewers are likely to reach out to you in a span of 1-2 weeks after consultation and coming to an agreement.

4. Applying For Other Jobs

Consider that you risk missing out on the job even if you nailed the interview.

If there’s a chance to attend other interviews, attend to them. Attend as many interviews as possible until you get the job you are looking for.


5. Reaching Out To Your Interviewers

Give your interviewers a maximum of two weeks before you reach out to them for a follow-up.

If you don’t receive any feedback from your interviewers within two weeks, you can send a follow-up email to ask about the way forward.

6. Cutting Out The Negative Energy

Avoid threatening or taunting your interviewers in case they delay in responding to your follow-up email. Do not claim that you have earned another job while in real sense you haven’t.

If the interview doesn’t bear fruit, your employer may notify you via a call or an email. Some recruiters may choose to withhold any negative feedback. If you don’t get a response after two weeks, look for another opportunity.

In case you are informed about missing out on the job, do not sulk. Notify your interviewers that you look forward to working with them, in case another job opportunity arises.


7. After Nailing The Job

In case you nail the job, your interviewer may send the feedback via email, message or a phone call. 

Your interviewer may also opt to arrange a meeting to give you feedback on a personal level.

It is advisable to dress for the occasion and carry your original documents when you are invited for a meeting by your recruiter.


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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