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You are probably still campus and you are wondering what to cancel next of  your bucket list. Well, most campuses might have rules that may prevent you from doing the wildest, so we will tone it down a notch. These are some of  the ideas of the things you should do that might benefit you:

 Write an article for a campus publication-  Just about anyone with the ability to play around with words can write. if you think you have the creative juice to write at least a 500 worded article, you can kick it off with a local publication around your campus. There are so many online magazines looking for content nowadays, thanks to the ease of social media. Try it  out and you juts might open doors for more opportunities through exposure and recognition.

Take an educational trip off campus-  Learn the environment around your school. It will first be an excursion until.. you never know what yo may learn from a small trip around school. Life has a way of working things. It may be a fun casual visit with your friends until you benefit from something. It may be your first step to becoming an entomologist.

Take pride in where you go by showing off your school to a prospective student- The skills we learn from the activities we indulge in are so valuable in life. Brag about your institution to a potential student. You just might be taking your way into sales and marketing job because of your charm selling skills.

Abuse all the perks and discounts you can get from a Student ID-  Well, this would be a fun activities that might only fulfill the desires of your hearts. it is simply taking advantage of the offers that cafeterias have on foods and drinks fr students. Lets just say that this might get you putting a few more coins i your savings account.

Sit in on a class for the semester just because you’re interested in the subject matter-  We tend to have a lot of time in our hands while still in campus; but ironically no time to attend classes. For once in your campus life, if you are that guy, sit in for a whole lecture and listen carefully. Life lessons are drawn from here.

Join a club — or many clubs — and eventually run for a leadership position- Leadership is acquired right from school. If you are able to command students under you while in campus, you would be surprised what company you will be a boss off. Clubs will mould you and empower you with the skills you need to be a leader even out of campus.

Learn a foreign language-  Organizations are constantly looking people who can speak a foreign language, especially NGOs. Having a foreign language in your resume is always an added advantage when it comes to job opportunities.

Attend trivia night and see what you’ve actually learned in class- A recap of what you learnt in class might  save you a lot of last minute reading. Holding constant trivium with your friends will keep you on your toes and help you improve in your studies. Trust me on this.

See something that’s making you angry? Protest or demonstrate it-  Do not get me wrong. Demonstrations can and should be as peaceful. Bring change in your institutions through all the right ways.




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