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Sometimes people receive that “you are fired” letter, or just a text or phone call or by word of mouth if you are that lucky. These people can spend days being depressed and sad because being fired is like being rejected, being told you are not good enough. You might spend days, hours, weeks or even months just trying to heal from it.

But this should not be the case. Like all kinds of rejection, when you are fired, you need to really understand why you were fired so when you get another job because you will, you do not repeat the same mistakes.

So here are five possible reasons why you were fired:

Performance issues:

The most common reason why people get fired is that they failed to perform at the job they were hired to do. This is business, and your employer, no matter how lenient he can be, would still want you to do the job you were hired to do and bring more money. When you instead go to the office, or to that hotel you work as a waitress and spend the whole day yapping about instead of doing any work you are given; why would the employer still want to keep you?

Late Arrivals, Early Departures.

Some people are in the kind of careers or jobs they really hate so when that 6.00 A.M alarm rings in the morning, they curse and curse and prepare for the work ever so slowly while still cursing, only to arrive late. When three in the afternoon reaches and they find there is no work, they sneak slowly out and go back home. This kind of behavior rarely passes your boss who will see your minimal dedication to your work and decide to let you go so you can search for a job more suitable to you.

Drinking on The Job

Well, sometimes you really hire crazy ones. This is not to say that drinking is bad, but drinking on a Monday morning in the office when you are working just goes beyond any moral obligations. So if you were that employee who used to carry Kaqoura in the office and your boss fired you despite performing well at your job, that is probably the reason why.



No one likes a “big mouth”. They might have laughed at your jokes and “mushene” about your fellow colleagues or boss, but at the end of the day, you with the loudmouth, you are going to be the one who suffers. How?

When one colleague or several decide to report you to HR for bad-mouthing them, or you cross a boundary and say something very harsh about your boss that happens to reach his ears, he will have no other option but to let you go.

Conducting personal business on Company time.

Work can sometimes be very boring, and more often than not, you might be tempted to make use of the company computer to finish up with a movie that left you on a cliff-hanger. This, though it will kill your boredom, might also eventually kill your source of income. So, just relax, and if work is that boring, find something constructive to do that will prevent you from getting that You are fired letter.


Those are only five reasons of why you were fired, but there exist hundreds of reasons. If you are completely unsure of why approach your former boss and kindly ask why he fired you. It might be hard, but it will give you more insight.

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