What happens in your mind when your heart is in love?


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Dude, you’ve been running through her timeline, then boom you bump into her selfie. Your entire body gets goosebumps and you suddenly feel the urge to pin her. Familiar lyrics commence ringing in your mind: ilianza na kaselfie, nikadouble tapLike a bee to honey, you idolise her. So what goes through your mind when you begin to experience love sensations?  

Is it the right time and is she the right audience to say your poetic lines to? Will you regurgitate the punchlines you use on every damsel or do you risk pissing her off with cliche vibes?

Have you thought about taking the bull by its horns and going straight to the point? Probably look at her straight in the eye and asking her  “Can  I fall in love with you…? “  She may run away – actually, she will run away – to a point of no return. Opt for something magical and creative boy. Try something like “ Hey girl, it seems angels are now dwelling on earth…?”

Are you thinking about bombarding her with endless messages and calls? Are your calls at a prescribed dosage that she should faithfully respond to? What if you piss her off and she resorts to ignoring them? Too much of something is dangerous you know. 

I  had a guy who often checked on me. I was the victim of his absurd texts. Every time messages popped on my phone, I had to contend with his texts. ‘Remember to breath my dear, Remember to swallow your saliva sparingly, you might choke on it.’ I dumped the fool. I felt that he had either crossed the desperation border or a psychiatrist needed him (more than I did.)


You need to know when to call and when to text. How about calling her when she’s on her period or when she’s had a tough exam? Better still, check up on her when she’s had a rough day at work. That’s when she needs you the most.

Does body count ring in your mind, when you start falling in love with a chic?  Some guys are turned on by chics who’ve had dozens of guys. Her great ass could be such a turn on and thoughts about her ufundi kitandani ring in your mind. And what if she’s got an intact hymen? Are you still going to get down with that tissue?  

What if she’s your brother’s or friend’s ex? Will that turn you off or you’ll just see as your turn to smash her shipoto. Will she break your heart or you will still have your heart intact?

Honestly, a lot goes through a guy’s mind when he has love sensations. Does the pregnancy scare cross your mind? Will you raise the kid if she falls pregnant? Even when all the feelings for her die? Think about it.

Are you anxious about the sex you will both have? Wait until you smash her. What will happen when you realize that she’s a squirter and tighter than you had imagined? I am sure the preacher in you will gather his boys to spread the gospel of her tight pussy!

Keep all these thoughts running inside your head but just be sure to act on them at some point especially if she gives you a clear “yes” signal. Best of luck!

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