Throw away these 6 pieces of clothing before you are 21!


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Although the transition from child to adult is traditionally marked at 18, we all feel like 21 is such a huge deal where you truly feel like an adult. You start buying your own clothes with the small hustle here and then and start to realize that you REALLY need to start creating space for the new stuff. And it comes a time when you truly need to get rid of clothes and other items from your closet because adulthood! Here are some of the things you need to get rid of.

All unfashionable stuff- fashion evolves every now than. However, it seems like it always comes back to bring the old school and enhance it into new school. It is very rare that a fashion piece will look exactly as how it used to look when old. Keep up with the times and update yourself with an item once it is out. Do not keep old stuff waiting for the day they will be revived back to the fashion scene.

Anything with tags on it- we all have one: that top you bought years ago thinking it would become one of your favorites, and yet, it sits in the back of your closet unworn and with the tags still attached. No matter how cute it is, if you’ve made it through 3-plus years of campo without needing it, chances are it’s time to part ways. Make some mullah by selling it to a local thrift or consignment store, or invite some friends over for a closet swap!

Uncomfortable Inner wear- 21 and you still press your privy parts into stuff that do not fit? We might be lazybones when it comes to updating our inner-wear while in campus, but it does a lot of damage to your genitals…more than we may realize.Throw away the tight underwear.Not only such underwear can hamper the proper shape of your body, but also can create lots of health problems. Men also must not wear tight underwear as those can hamper blood circulation and your nerves can get numbed.

High school clothes- I know i know….they remind us of the best times of our lives back in high-school. Don’t get me wrong, you can keep the school blazer or the whole uniform to remind you of high school,but avoid rocking high school t-shirts,tracksuits, sports shorts and what not. And let’s be honest, how often do you really wear them for anything other than sleeping or cleaning your apartment?

Unnecessary broken jewelry- We all have broken pieces of old watches and other jewelry. Most of them have rusted and we still have hope to revive them some day. When we actually do they turn our skin green.Throw out anything that’s broken or tarnished beyond repair and instead save up and invest in a few quality pieces that won’t go out of style to supplement your trendier baubles.

Faded clothes- seriously though! Get rid of them. You do not want to be mistaken for a beggar,do you? They say a lot about you. Get rid of them and get yourself some colour in your life.

What other item in your closet should you get rid of by 21?


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