With drunken sex you are probably to feel more sexy and happy!


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Are you contemplating on smashing when you are drunk? What’s your take on using the drink before you hit it between the sheets? Do you envision having earth-shattering orgasms or trying new sex positions while in a drunken state? Well, the fact of the matter is, drunken sex can be messy especially if you and your partner are both drunk. You might not even hit the climax and you may be compelled to wake up to morning Glory in order to finish off. Here’s how to enjoy drunken sex:

  1. Limit on the intake.

Take a considerable amount of alcohol before you hit it off between the sheets. We all know what too much alcohol brings about. You don’t want to get to bed then sleep off next to your partner before you even undress or worst still cover them with your puke in bed. Too much alcohol may also drive you into confusion and you might forget to put on your condom. You know the effects of not wrapping up especially if it’s hit and run sex.

  1. Mind Your Privacy.

Alcohol is a confidence boost. It will give you the energy and guts to approach a lady and hit it off, just anywhere. So beware of the amount you take and try to avoid making out in public. Have the privacy of your room and remember to lock it, you don’t want any embarrassments when you sober up, do you?

  1. Remember to use lube.

Alcohol leads to dehydration and that’s a no brainer. With dehydration comes a dry vagina and it’s not a pleasant feeling having to get laid with a dry pussy. So remember to lube up, you don’t want to wake up to bruises on your genitals or your mate’s genitals.


  1. No Acrobatics in Bed.

Don’t think of trying any acrobatic sex positions when you are drunk. Reason? When you are drunk you are less flexible and less stable. You may lose the balance and topple over your partner and that’s plain unsexy right? You could also go ahead to harm your partner and it could be dangerous and you’ll have to seek medical intervention. Plain unsexy! Stick to the cliche’ missionary position or any other ‘lazy sex’ position.

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