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Starting a gaming business can be complex but with the right ideas and motivation you good to go. Gaming business can be profitable, here are tips to tap and make money for yourself.


Seed capital. Every startup needs a source of financing. You need to have a solid business plan on how you will secure the funding. The days are gone where internet cafes were used for gaming. The time and technology has changed. Most people can access these games using their phones and PCs at home. You need the capital to purchase high loaded innovative gadgets, software’s and new technology. The three
main things that require a lot of capital are the consoles, space/room and screens.

Licenses. You must always ensure you are running a legal business. You will need a single business permit. This is issued by the county government. The cost usually varies from one county to another. Music copyright license: This is very important especially if you are going to play music within the business space. Within Nairobi, you need to set aside at least Sh35,000 for the licenses, however outside Nairobi it’s quite cheap and you might only need aboutSh15,000.

Rent a room. This is the first thing that should come in your mind when starting a gaming business. You will need a decent space where you can set up your business. Security should be a priority since gaming equipment are on high demand hence thieves can strike. The location is very key in the success of your business.Note that your target market is aged below 30 so you are looking for an area with a high population of youth. The room should also be big enough to allow space for a chilling zone with lounges, where you can even serve refreshments or spectators can relax.This improves the customer experience and encourages them to stay longer at your shop. To stay within your budget,look for a space going fromSh10,000 to Sh20,000.

Games. Games are quite cheaper than the consoles themselves. The price usually depends on the type and how current it is. The fluctuation in price is usually quite high depending on the time you are purchasing. The price of FIFA 18 for example will depreciate almost by 80 percent when a FIFA 19 is released. Same to the sales.Hence you always have to be buying these games every time there is an upgrade.When buying, focus on the most common games your potential customers would like to play. These include FIFA 19, INJUSTICE 2: Gods Among Us,Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat, GTAV, NBA 2K19 and NFS. Prices vary from as low as Sh2,000 toSh10,000.FIFA19-Sh3,500.NBA 2K19-Sh4,500.INJUSTICE 2-Sh8,000.

Screens. Screens play a very big role in enhancing customer experience. If you invest in high quality TV screens, the customers will have a better gaming experience. You need to install screens with high quality resolution to make the graphics appear as good as they are meant to be to the player. The ideal TV size is 32 inches and above.A new 32-inch screen costs between Sh13,000 toSh35,000 depending on the brand.


Gaming Consoles. Gaming consoles are the backbone of your business, they are the reason you in the trade in the first place. The most common consoles in the country are Play Station and X-Box. While purchasing these consoles, you need to pay attention on the storage capacity and model. In order to survive in this business, you have to keep up with trends because that’s what people go for. Currently, PS4 is the most sought after gaming console.If you put up PS3s, then most potential customers will shy away.NEW PS4 price goes fromSh35,000 to Sh40,000Pre-owned PS4 – Sh20,000 toSh30,000.NB: Make sure you get an expert advice while purchasing a pre-owned PS4.

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