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ICT is a very important tool that influences the way the society functions. In the years to come ICT will affect the reshape of every aspect of our thinking. It will come to radically influence the global economy.

Tracom is a Kenyan company that deals with development of different software for companies to help in efficient running of day-to-day operations. It is run by professionals with great skills and provides cutting edge innovation that gives their clients a unique edge in today’s competitive environment. Due to the company’s prowess in what they do, they have developed branches in different countries. They are also in Tanzania among others and work closely with foreign-based companies in France like Ingenico. 

Tracom spread its wings across Africa. The company hopes to be the leading vendor of efficient software solutions that will enhance development of many businesses by reducing their operational costs. Apart from making software, the company has developed its own school, which they use to train students who have the passion and drive to excel in the ICT world. Their ambition is to mentor and train students from all Kenyan universities to acquire skills that will steer them through major developments in ICT. What is the Tracom Academy? Tracom Academy is a technology institution started with an aim of ensuring young people acquire and master skills in highly advanced payment solutions, both hardware and software, so that they can acquire employment or become entrepreneurs in the future. 

The company realised that Kenya is facing a big challenge of graduates with no access to jobs. “With the youth unemployment rate in Kenya currently standing at 22 percent, it is important to channel resources towards
developing our human capital. The importance of ensuring quality technological education that will align with market needs cannot be belittled,” said Tracom Services Limited spokesman Kamau Kimani. Tracom is the first academy of its kind to focus on payment solutions technology skills including software, cutting edge hardware such as POS terminals, ATMs and card printing as well as maintenance and management of those solutions.


The training of the students will be conducted by experts from Tracom Services Limited based in Kenya. They will ensure the young people are exposed to the best talent and technology, thus equipping them with all the necessary skills. The academy was started this year and has seen the first batch of seven students fully benefit from it. Tracom is planning on doing another intake of 16 students due to the success achieved with the first batch.

The company has a policy of absorbing as many students as they can. Those that may not get a chance to join the company leave equipped with enough skills to propel them to land jobs in the same field. In the field of ICT, there has been a huge concern in the number of female students who enroll in the subject in university. Tracom has taken up the opportunity to invite ladies to join the company by providing them with the open platform. However, they claim that the recruitment policy is purely on merit and it does not favour anyone depending on their gender. 

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