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Trap King Chrome, the self-proclaimed king of trap is not getting tired of dominating the headlines. From scandalous headlines to releasing club bangers, he never misses on the headlines every single week. The Kenyan rapper, who has roots in the UK, has been gracing our speakers with fresh tunes ever since the days of ‘Wakanda’ to his latest hit ‘Classic’. Since coming back from the UK, the rapper has been involved in some of the country’s biggest reality shows let alone colouring the local music scene with his special kind of grime music.

TKC has created his own special niche within the industry which has seen him gain quite a unique kind of audience. Most of his fans praise him for the authenticity and the realness that he brings to his music, bringing out some real-life experiences at the same time. After releasing ‘Not my Fault’, his fans were all praising how he was bringing out a unique, fresh and vibrant vibe to the local industry. He has unceasingly maintained that vibe as witnessed in his recent song ‘Classic’ and his fans can’t wait for more. The rapper dropped a hint that he might be releasing an album sometime next year dubbed ‘Trap Season’. He claims that ‘Classic’ is the first single in the yet-to-be the biggest rap album the Kenyan industry has ever witnessed. We just can’t wait for this!


The Trap Kings and Trap Queens trendsetter is full of good news! He also leaked claims that the biggest reality show in the Kenyan entertainment scene might just be making a comeback for season 9 after a year of silence. “We just finished filming the new season of Nairobi Diaries, it’s been hectic man. I think the trailer will be dropping soon, the billboards should be up before long and the promos are about to start running,” says TKC. This is fantastic news for his Kenyan fans who can’t wait to see him on TV again. The rapper and actor became the talk of the town when he made his debut in the reality series, bringing with him a whole load of drama. “This is going to be epic! In fact, my Austrian queen will be making a debut in the series too,” exclaims TKC, who was referring to his girlfriend.

However much love we have for the rapper’s music and artistry, one thing is clear though, he has also become a scandal king ever since making an appearance in our local entertainment scene. Ever since his comeback to the Kenyan entertainment scene, he has been clouded by scandals left, right and center. Whether it’s his relevance survival tactic or not, it’s only him who can confirm this.

His recent scandal of extortion from British Grime rapper, Lady Leshurr is something he terms quite unfortunate. “This is madness! I was her promoter and I brought her to Kenya for a show. I organized for her expenses while in the country, from accommodation to transportation. She didn’t pay me for that! And now the music video she is talking about, am the one who organized for the videographers and even got the children from Kibera to feature in the video. Afterwards, she doesn’t want to pay for it! I mean, was all this for charity? I need my money! Lady Leshurr I need my money!” That’s what TKC had to say on this.


Despite all the scandals on and off the screen, we still love TKC and can’t wait for some fresh vibe from his upcoming album. “Let’s keep on elevating Kenyan music!” concludes Trap King Chrome.

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