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‘Smoke weed all day,’ the exact words Tupac uttered in one of his songs. Bob Marley also uttered similar words, ‘we gonna smoke the ganja until the very end.’ These messages have inspired the new generation of young guys who appreciate it as a herb not a drug even though it’s illegal .

People are considered boring if they do not smoke weed. Why is it the case? Well no one cares because most people in society are pushing for the legalization of the herb.

“Weed has a lot of lot of benefits,” that is what a lot of people in the country claim. The country is literally controlled by pot heads. Walk anywhere in the corridors of these streets and the scent of weed is what will welcome you.

People’s lives will be improved by the legalization of weed. Imagine the local peddler who hustles by selling weed and still running away from the cops. If weed is legalized this guy might probably just move into a new home from the ‘kibandaski’ lifestyle.


Weed has been seen to have so many benefits in this life. The health sector might benefit a lot from the legalization of this herb. Many artists in Kenya and abroad have pushed for the legalization of the drug. Jamaican artists like Richie Spice and many more have shown solidarity in effort of pushing for the legalization of weed. They claim that it will improve the lives of people in general.

The weed legalization topic is subject to serious discussion and we need to be part of this.

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