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What does it take to become a bedroom superstar? This has been a topic that has sparked heated arguments in the past. Everyone wants to be a bedroom guru.

Disappointing the opposite sex in the bedroom sector is something that leads to ruining of a healthy relationship, or even a one night stand. Men always want to be seen as the kingpins in bedroom games. Each and every man wants that A+ score card in their physical ability analysis.

Women also never want to be left behind in bedroom manenos. They always want to be known as the gang of ladies who drive men crazy. But now the problem is who is to be blamed for the failure of bedroom prowess?


There is also some good news in all this. If you are pathetic and don’t want people to know then there is a way you can improve you D and P game to score the A grade.

You want to know how? Then here is how, read trash talk each and every week in the Outsyder weekly. The issue is always in the Nairobian newspaper each and every Friday.

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