Tips on changing your IG account into a business!


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Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in 2019. Due to the app’s visual nature and high user engagement rate, Instagram is also a valuable social media-marketing tool. In 2018, brands uploaded an average of 0.7 posts to the social platform every day, with those in the sports vertical being the most active.

Due to this big engagement, Instagram is therefore one of the biggest platforms to grow your business. It is a huge platform to explore different business ideas. You can decide to do fashion, cooking, personal branding, you name it. All you need is to know how to hack Instagram as a business account. The most important thing is the kind of content you post. Here is a simple guideline on the type of content that will get you followers and in the long run customers.

Have quality photos and videos

Instagram is a visual platform. If you have poor quality photos or videos, people will not bother looking at your content. You can take professional-looking photos and videos just using your phone. Traditionally, Instagram is thought to be of photos only. You can however have videos to promo your product. Video can give you a huge advantage when you are showing customers a product or how it works.

Use Humour

Instagram is one of the pass times for people. You need to have a little humour. Short funny captions can capture users’ attention and get them interested in your brand if done correctly. The funnier your caption or meme related to your product the more people will tag their friends and even share your product.

Be Educative

You should not only advertise your product. In your page you can also offer tips and ‘how to videos’. This will bring more people to your page. They will also view the products you have in tour page. Giving your customers life hacks or tips that can make their lives easy is one of our favourite Instagram business ideas. This shows that you know what you’re talking about and that you want to be helpful to your followers.

Have competitions

There is nothing people love more than free stuff. You can use Instagram contests to gain more followers, build brand awareness and trust and to work with influencers in your market. Just like any other business, Instagram Businesses require patience. You won’t wake up one day and sell out your stock. Trust the process!


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