“Umekula?” If he asks you that, he loves you!


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Let’s be real. Expressing emotions is not a male type of thing to do. Which is totally fine because we all just can’t be catching feelings, our women represent us in that category. Ladies, want to know if your dude really loves you *likes*? Read below

1. Umekula? 

Yes, this is one question he will likely ask to show he cares about your well being. He cares about those sultry hips so babe you have to stock up, that man clearly feels you.

2. Umekula avocado? 

There we have it. If he mentions avocado, sweetie, marry that man. Okay, I’m kidding, you need to focus on learning how to give him a good bj first. Avocados btw give you stamina in the bed. Read more about that on the post we did about foods for team mafisi below.

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3. Umelala? 

This is the man for you. Obviously a good night of good D, (it better be wrapped though, if you get my drift) will help you sleep better. Usisahau kukachora na contraceptive in case he goes in raw. Nothing is as good as a good lay after a long day. You’ll sleep like a child. I kid you not.

4. Shika hii…

He could be meaning mony, asmall nice gift, a little dress…. that is his way of saying, “i’m sorry my love.” As i said, men are not overly emotional and so he knows when he has made a mistake. He’s a little clever in how he apologizes.

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