Unachora on how to start a bizna?Pitch that idea to an investor


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You must have a plan for your life. That’s why for those who have kukachora-d well, they are doing good. Your life plan might be that you want to anzisha a kabiz. You might have a very good idea but how do you convince someone to invest? Let’s say you are planning on starting a small kinyozi at a shopping center but you don’t have the capital. You then meet a client from a bank who says they will invest. They want to meet you so that you can present your idea. Here are a few tips you can follow.

1. Have a powerpoint presentation

Your powerpoint presentation should not be more than 20 slides. If you go more than that the people you are presenting to will likely get bored. You will also get lost and confused as you present.

2. Have a business plan

Make sure you have written a business plan that you will leave with the investor. This is the document that shows who your target audience and the viability of the biz among other plans. Business plan ni muhimu to get investors. It should not be more than pages chwani (50). 

3. Have a 5-minute pitch

Jipange by making sure that you don’t take more than 5 minutes to bring across your idea. When you meet at that hotel or wherever it is that you will, kachore na ujanja and speak your idea eloquently in 5 minutes. Then wait for questions and then now you can dig deep and take more time.

4. Do enough research

Usiwaste hizo bundles. Get on Google and look up on necessary vocabulary and what the business you are into is all about. Unachoraje maze? If this is your first time kwanza, be fully prepared.

5. Have a  plan

Ukue ushakachora about your biz. By this i mean, what strategies do you have such that should the biz backfire after a year, what will you bounce back on. This also caters to the investor. At the end of it all, will he/she own part of the biz ama? Make sure umekachora vipoa. 

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