Unachoraje na msupa wako? Types of contraceptives you should know


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This life is all about kukachora. It’s all about having a plan before you do anything. When it comes to having fun with your chic, what plans do you have? Umechoraje should anything go wrong? Here are types of contraceptives your toto can consider, with you by her side of course. With this info, you can chora your life together.

1. The pill

This is the most common type of contraception. It is the most commonly used even among youngsters. All you need to do is ensure you have some cash to purchase from a chemist. It prevents your chille from getting pregnant by 95% and it can provide almost 99% protection against pregnancy if she takes the pill everyday as required.  It comes in two forms; the combined contraceptive pill or the mini-pill. The mini-pill should be taken daily. Go to a chemist with her and ask. Or better yet, talk to a family planning nurse about it. Kachore so that life is sweet for the both of you.

2. The diaphragm

This is an object shaped like a diaphragm that is placed in her nunu to prevent sperms from getting in her uterus. It is usually coated with spermicide (to kill sperms) and it can be removed after sex. It should however be worn 6 hours before sex. Hapa she needs a doctor to show her how to use it and place it. Chora life yako manze.

3. The IUD

The Intrauterine Device is also another form of contraception. They can either be hormonal or copper-based. The good thing with IUDs is that they can stay in her uterus for 5-10 years. Imagine. Those are very many years and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant.

4. The contraceptive implant

This is a device that will be fixed on her arm. It will then release hormone progestin slowly which prevents her from getting paged. You can chora your life with this implant since it’s just inserted into her arm and it lasts 3 years. That’s a plan for you and your bae. Take her to a clinic and get to know about it. It has a very high effectiveness of preventing pregnancy up to 99%.

5. Contraceptive injections

Kachore with this type of contraception. She’ll just go to the clinic, get a hormonal shot and she will be good for the next 3 months. After 3 months, don’t forget to renew the injection otherwise she’ll have a ball. 

6. Morning after pill

This is what most of you guys get your chics if you’ve mangad her raw. The P2 goes for about ksh.150-200 at a chemist. Make sure she takes it within 24hours. If you wait for 3days, the effectiveness will be very low. And btw, if she vomits within 3hours after taking the pill, she needs to take another one. So make sure umekachora vipoa before going in raw. Have money for an emergency pill.

Don’t forget about condoms guys. Contraceptives are for preventing pregnancy but condoms helps prevent STIs. Kachore and have fun responsibly.



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