Unachoraje story ya doh? Comrade Dan shares a few tips


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Comrades must be careful in how they spend their money. It is a commodity that disappears as fast as it comes. It probably has to do with the fact most things in life cost money, even your gf needs to be taken out every once in a while. Dan is a comrade at the Technical University of Kenya (TUK) and he shares with us some of the ways he handles his finances. We can all learn a thing or two about how to deal with our mullah.

Phone charges

“I usually put 50bob for mbs and 10bob for calling. I will then have a weekly plan for texts for when i might need to send a message to someone,” he says. This helps him stay covered in all areas when it comes to the phone. He ensures he has data bundles, a plan for voice calls and also texting. But we all know how our smartphones consume a lot of internet data right? I mean, you log in to Facebook or Whatsapp for a few minutes and boom, you already get a notification that your data is almost depleted. “I keep my phone on 3G/2G or i have the data saver on most of the time. This helps minimize a large consumption of my data and thus i can use my data throughout the day. I just turn on 4G when i want to quickly scroll over Instagram. Likes ni muhimu.” This, Dan says, helps in stay on top of things when it comes to matters to do with phone charges so he always has to have a budget for that.  Dan also says that he tries avoiding redeeming his bonga points unless he is flat out broke.

On savings

“Having a safe net truly helps when things get rough. M-Shwari works for me so i save there so that when things are bad financially, i can always count on what i’ve saved. ” There are so many platforms that comrades can use to save money that they can use for a rainy day. These are some of the plans that young people in campo should be doing if they are already not doing. “As a rule of the thumb, i don’t buy credit from my M-Pesa. I realized i end up spending a lot so i decided i’ll be buying using cash. That way i can limit unnecessary spending, ” Dan says.

On buying movies

Let’s be honest, we spend a lot at movie places. Unless you have fast Wi-Fi that you can use to download the movies and series you want, going to a movie shop is something you will definitely turn to.  Dan says he carries small denominations of money to the movie place to avoid spending too much. He says that,  “If i want to buy one movie, i’ll carry a max of 50bob. If it’s two, i’ll try to go with just 100bob. That way i won’t be tempted to buy more.”

Hiking school fees?

“My school fees is usually up by around 2k when i know i’ll be in need of money like during the exam week, ” says Dan. We are all guilty at one point or another for stating our expenses to a bit higher than it actually is to our parents or guardians.

Chora money life yako. Check how you spend your money and see where you can cut down on those unnecessary expenses.

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