Foreskin or naah?


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Apart from a man’s size of the dick, many ladies also consider the presence or absence of foreskin. The foreskin is a flap of skin which covers the head of a nonerect penis. Some men prefer having it intact maybe due to the fear that getting rid of it may interfere with their sexual activity. Others are circumcised due to religious, health and cultural reasons. Here’s a comparison of circumcised and uncircumcised penises:

  1. Hygiene.

Men with the foreskin have a harder time cleaning this flap of skin. A hygiene routine has to be followed keenly and this includes, pulling the flap backwards and washing it with mild soap and water and keenly rinsing it. Poor hygiene increases the rate of infections since bacteria, dirt and bodily fluids build up just beneath this flap of skin.

The building up of dirt creates a foul-smelling substance called smegma aka cock cheese which could lead to inflammation and serious diseases. With circumcision, this flap of skin will not need to be retracted hence circumcision makes cleaning the penis easier, however, a penis has to be washed regularly to maintain proper hygiene.

  1. Appearance.

An uncircumcised penis retains the foreskin which retracts when the dick is erect to expose the glans. A circumcised dick exposes the glans when the penis is erect and nonerect. For some of the circumcised people, half of the foreskin is cut off and the other is manipulated to form a ‘ngwati’. This small mound acts as a ‘G-spot’ .Women adore this spot especially during Lungula since it brings about sexual pleasure.


  1. Sexual Arousal.

This flap of muscle has nerve endings which are sensitive. Once a guy slides his dick into a wet and warm honeypot, no chic will resist the pulling back and forth of this muscle in her wet pussy. Also the guy will be sexually aroused due to the several nerves with endings near the surface of the bridge. These nerves have sensory pleasure. The smooth muscles contract and expand continually, the pleasure is due to the elasticity. According to recent studies, circumcised men have a lower ability for lubrication. However they can compensate for this by using lube.

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