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Kenyan music has been the epitome discussion this year. Play Kenyan music has been a trending topic. The reason for this is Deejays have not been playing Kenyan music. The debate that rocked the nation saw a quick turn from the Kenyan Deejays who started playing our own music. However one brand can never go without notice. Dvj Arika also known as the Arika Effect has been very efficient in his job. The 28 year old Dj has been playing 90% Kenyan music in his mixes from the time he started his professional career.

Dvj Arika started mixing when he was still in high school. His career as a Dj has not been as easy even though his parents supported his dream. The reason he is known for his love for Kenyan music is his appreciation of the Kenyan culture. Arika believes Kenyans are very creative and should be put forward to the world. Apart from playing Kenyan music he also has come up with the Arika Academy. This academy helps nurture young talent from the streets. This is because he believes the youth need a platform to express themselves and their talents. Some of the recognized names that have been nurtured under DvJ Arika are like Qrias Msanii and Dj Tev.

Qrias Msanii is a musician from Mombasa. He started out his music career back in 2015.Music has been his passion ever since his childhood. He states that some of his upcoming steps in music were initiated back in high school. He did covers for other big names and that is what made him recognized by his peers. After high school he decided to fully pursue his passion for music. This was a project initiated by Dvj Arika who was friends with Qrias and thus helped him release his first song and its remix ‘bolingo’. Qrias is famously known for releasing club bangers as he terms them as his style.

Dj Tev is a female Kenyan Dj known for her fire entertainment skills on the Decks. DJ Tev began her career immediately after finishing high school. She learnt some of her skills by watching what Djs used to do. This is because she worked as a secretary at a deejaying school. Slowly, she grasped the little she could and heaven opened up for her. She met up with DvJ Arika and through his academy she perfected her skills. Dj Tev is now one of the youngest most sought after Djs in Nairobi. She offers a challenge to some of the ladies who have a passion in the Deejaying field to work hard to achieve their dreams because everything is possible.


Dvj Arika states the academy is open to not only to people hoping to fulfill their dreams in Deejaying but also in music. This is because no talent is greater than the other. He also urges the youth to focus not only on education but also in developing their talents as these might help them in future.

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