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Veve also known as miraa was initially consumed by long-distance drivers and businesspersons who worked over the night. Here is the twist, girls are now getting high on miraa. Veve is currently popular in campuses and its usage is spreading real fast. Here are reasons why girls are consuming veve.

Young women doing sexual work. Prostitution is sometimes referred to “the world’s oldest profession”, young women are engaging in it as a side hustle. Miraa helps them with their stamina and ignites their arousal very quickly hence they able to manage to satisfy as many clients as possible. It also helps them in staying awake all through the night.

Increases libido. This is a topic most girls are shy to talk about. Our contact informant tells us it helps her to be sexually stimulated and her sex drives increases.

Quick way to get high. Veve is associated with the feeling of being high all day and night. Most consumers use it for instant intoxication and blissful effects. It also gives them additional confidence and energy.

Search for a perfect body. To most girls in campuses petite thick is the new body goals hence they consume miraa since it suppresses the appetite therefore resulting to weight loss.

Cheaper than other drugs. With financial hurdles that come with being in campus, students are always looking for cheaper alternatives of getting high. Veve is relatively inexpensive and easy to come by. with 120 shillings you good to go. Talk about getting high instead of getting higher education.

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