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One oversight in your CV is enough to get it trashed in the bin. There are three types of CV’s, the great CV, the good CV and the So So Cv. Human Resources in any company has 5 seconds to take a look on any CV. This means he or she has a very small window to capture and retain their attention. Here are tips to save your CV to move up to the next level of consideration.

Poor CV Structure and Spelling and Grammatical mistakes. Ensure there is a chronological flow of ideas and information. Correlate your CV and your cover letter. This makes it easy for the human resource to follow up your skills and experience with ease. Common grammatical mistakes communicate carelessness and laziness. Use the correct and formal font. Ask a friend to go through it, this is the one time you need to dazzle.

Stay relevant. Leave unnecessary personal information unless the information has been requested. Keep it short and precise. No one has the time to read about your whole life experience.

Lack of Keywords. With the advanced technology some companies use computer programs to skim through your CV and the program picks candidates based on certain key words. Candidates are picked according to certain standards so if you have not reached the standards the hiring software automatically eliminates your CV.

You do not highlight your accomplishments. Most job seekers only highlight their responsibilities and fail to point out what they have accomplished. Human resource looks for a result oriented person. Help the HR to know what you bringing to the table. Show your actual value. Your accomplishments should be your actual selling point.


Lack of Contact Information. Contact Information is very vital. Always ensure your information is accurate. Provide a professional email not a fancy email and a phone number that you can be reached on anytime.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your CV. You are welcome.

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