All he wants is for you to be his safe place!


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It is so shocking that a man stays loyal to a team for more than 10 years, but he cannot stay faithful to a girl for less than three months. Well, fellow girls, the problem might be us. What do men really want? What are women doing wrong? Are we the ones to blame? You see, most times we want to be the centre of attention that we forget what men actually want.

This debate prompted me to go find out why men cheat, or get tired of women quickly. As we all know, men are a jealous lot. Their pride will not allow them to admit it. They get pissed off when women speak their mind regarding other men. Here’s the thing – women are visual beings, just like men. The only difference is that we will not be afraid to throw in compliments here and there. We see a fine thing, and talk about it. This, however, annoys men.

The other thing is playing hard to get. Well, playing hard is not bad. Women, lets agree that we feel nice having someone who is there to give us attention. However, men feel like they are being played for a fool. When you play hard to get for too long, he will get tired and move on to the next girl. Eventually, you will hit 40s without a man, lonely and ready to eat whatever is being served on the menu. Girls, let’s loosen up a bit.

The third issue is that smart women intimidate men. Being a miss-know-it-all pays off in some situations. Sometimes you have to show that you are in control. However, you can lower your pride a little for the sake of the man you like. Let him feed his ego. He will feel nice to have a smart woman who also gives him the respect he wants. It won’t cost you much.

Then there is girl code. This is what makes us women survive. However, it has been taken too far. A man gets tired when he knows that he is not only dating you but also the whole squad. When he makes a wrong move, we are the quick to rush to our WhatsApp groups and rant about him. We do not even give him a chance. It is already hard pleasing one girl, so pleasing a squad of needy single people is something he will not sign up for.


Next is mental vacation. As long as we girls need a mental vacay – you know, sit alone and cry, 4 and feel bad about our weight or something that did not go right, men too need such. They also go through tough times, and often times they don’t deem it fit to share with you because that’s how they have been socialised. They will need their me-time. It will mean a lot if you respected that. It is not easy being in a relationship. It is even worse when you are starting one. You might give him the perfect satisfaction or do all the wifey things you can. But if you don’t make him feel like a man, he will always want to go find something out there. This is feeding his ego. He will want to take back a report to his boys. However, be careful about who you choose to go down for.

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