What to do when your partner say they have an STD


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So one day after yo afternoon class, you call up your S/O to chill and hopefully to get some.While you are at it and the mood is set to get down to business, they break the news to you. They have an STD.Yes they are sick.What do you do? How do you even stand such news? Well, worry not, here are some ways you use to react to that situtaion.

  1. First of all, relax!– I know this is not the best thing you want to hear in such a heated moment;but trust me, you d not want to overreact. This doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be the end of things. Also, you d not want to say anything that you might regret.The more calmly and maturely you approach this situation, the better the outcome will be.
  2. Get tested– after you hear your partner out, get tested. STDs affect the body, but living with one can be a strain on a person’s emotions as well. If you have an STD, you might feel alone — but you’re not.The trouble happens when people feel perfectly fine and show no signs of having an STD. Since they don’t know, they don’t get treated.Do not stop there if you do not have one.Get tested regularly for STDs and chora a plan to always use condoms.
  3. Kuwa informed– It is absolutely essential for you and your partner to research and discuss having safe sex, regardless of having an STD. Safe sex is the bomb! You need to know about the necessary preventative measures you need to take, and how your partner can/is treating his/her STD, or if the STD is contagious despite treatment.
  4. Chora ku-make decison–  It is your right to choose to stay or leave relationship.No matter what the circumstances, you always have a right to end or stay in a relationship. You also always have the right to consent or not consent to having sex with another willing person.
  5. Always practice safe sexchora future yako na safe sex. Decisions una-make sahii zinachangia sana kwa future yako .It is also important to understand that any form of contraception besides condoms, including birth control pills and IUDs, do not prevent against STD.

What other useful ways  would you react to this news?



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